Change the World Time LIne

Here's how to change the world time line:

Imagine it is 10 years from today, in the year 2022.

It is now 10 years from now _____________, 2022, and we (you and us) have lived a healthy, comfortable and prosperous life. In the last 10 years we have eaten good, wholesome, healthy foods, and our health is very good. The environment is getting cleaned up in a way that is good for all living things. We have worked in environments which ensure success and good and positive results for ourselves and for the communities we live in. Our lives are transformed in the most positive and happy way.
Our freedoms have reached new levels and for the first time in history we connected with our true self-worth as human beings. Although there was a short time where it looked as though the world went through a period of massive chaotic stress, people's consciousness woke up and became aware of what we needed to do, to change the situation. More and more people have awakened to the reality of facts and human creativity and freedom has succeeded.
Wars are over. We now respect and appreciate each other with true human love and compassion. There is room for all of us to express our creativity with dignity and in liberty. We have now the freedom to live where in the world we prefer and allow our spirit to fly high. We are now aware and conscious of all human suffering and found true solutions to solve the real and hidden (for the moment) problems -that plague humanity.
In the last 10 years there have been no wars in the country where we live, and we are on the way to true and real world peace. Prosperity abounds.

New technologies have been revealed that freed us from fossil or nuclear energy dependence, and they are now available or will be within a year or so.
Now all people -not just white, or black, not Asian or European, not young or old, all people, not women or men, not Arctic or African, but ALL PEOPLE ARE FREE. Free to pursue their life goals and dreams. Free as never before. What a great 10 years it has been!
Now you need to put it in your future

Here's how:
Your future time line stretches out from you like a road going away from you toward the future. Imagine floating or flying above that road, and let your Unconscious Mind take you out to 10 years, it knows where 2022 is. Trust it, and put the picture you just imagined in your future. Put it there in your future. Do it every day as long as the world is not the way you want it. Do it again, now.

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