Monday, October 29, 2012

Be defined by Time Line Therapy®

The moment you become attached to someone, your sense of identity disappears. You begin to pattern your life according to how he is with his. Simply put, you become engulfed by someone else’s definition – how you are to act, to feel and communicate.  Thus rendering you limited as a mice inside a maze box.

The aforementioned scenario takes place whether we like it or not. We become involved in a particular circumstance or an individual that warrants us to detach ourselves from our personal agenda of living the life we have always wanted. When we love a person, we become so attached that we lose our sense of identity. We make him or her center of our world. With this, we become lost and confused of how we are to life our own lives.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sick of love songs? Learn to love them again with Time Line Therapy®

As I put on my headphones, I automatically shift to another world. A place where nothing could seem to go wrong and everything that I need to say or express comes out with every lyrics of the song I am listening to. The emotions overflow as I listen further and embrace the meaning of the song in my life. I became one with the song and the song becomes my words.

Most often than not, I listen to a song and have it on my playlist on repeat for as long as I can fathom the song. I’m a terrible listener because whenever I like a particular song, I listen to it over and over. 

I used to do that whenever I am undergoing a painful phase in my life. I used to think that songs were specifically made just for me. That everything I need to express comes out right through the songs I listen to. However, like all other things, it must come to an end.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life beyond Time Line Therapy®

We have always been conscious of our age. We turn all numb and still whenever we are asked about our age. For most of us, numbers represent a certain degree of maturity that, most of the times, we cannot uphold. Thus, we opt to lie about our age.

Numbers are just numbers – yeah right! They do not mean anything unless you are talking about a certain ranking or a phone number of someone. For the most part, we hide behind the numbers and act aloof whenever we talk about it. Just like math, numbers for us represent another world beyond the comprehension of our minds.

Our ability to comprehend lies on our ability to sense and interpret. We become attached to raw data and information collected by our senses.  Perceptions and predisposed notions become our basis in lieu of understanding the world and because of such; we tend to think beyond our comprehension and end up frustrated with regard to understanding the world.

Friday, October 19, 2012

One step at a time with Time Line Therapy®

Life is a matter of choices. It takes a great deal of rationality and logic to be able to understand it 24 hours a day. It proves to be the most tedious task in any one’s life but more so, the most rewarding. It paves the way for the self to be in sync with the world and at the same time merit recognition of the endless possibilities of the self. Simply put, life is what we make of ourselves.   

The moment we make a choice and act upon it proves our readiness to face the world. We become responsive to the demands of the world that which in return warrants an exhaustion of the self in all its sense. Our ability to be rational makes it easier for us to comprehend the many circumstances that we face and, at the same time, gives us the reason to think logically. Being reasonable, logical and rational are all but products of the past and the present combined. More so, a part of the future as foreseen contributes to our ability to think.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Employing your experiences with Time Line Therapy®

Experiences are but the most influential elements in our lives. Consequential as circumstances, it could make or break an individual’s quest for a better life.  Taken either as positive or negative, experiences remain to be a prototypical requirement in unmasking lives many facets.

A steady life rhythm connotes emotional stability. With the aforementioned, an individual is able to control the pace and keep to a tee the life he has now and would have in the future. However, it should be understood that emotional stability does not only appertain to emotions and feelings but rather it should be understood to mean the whole being of an individual.

Business, Me, and Time Line Therapy®

Getting ahead of the pack is associated with symbolism that any business-savvy individual could easily relate to. It simply does not mean the usual, but rather it warrants a deeper understanding of business per se and the company in general. To say the least, “getting ahead of the pack,” presages a conviction of sustaining a competitive advantage over the rest.

A competitive advantage or “edge” appertains to the capacity of a company to excel in the chosen field in lieu of its competitors. To sustain one means a prolonged or maintained advantage that harnesses the ability of the company to leave its competitors behind. For any company, starting or struggling, this very notion is deemed important so as to be attuned with the demands of the business trade.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The philosophical etymology of life according to Time Line Therapy®

Do not ask the meaning of what life is. Define it.

Indeed, we must not ask what life nor warrant a perfect definition as there is no such thing as perfection. We must not dwell on the brilliance of living the life we have now and the life we would have in the future. To talk jargons about life and our existence would permit the use of bourgeoisie words that even our ancestors would not be able to fathom.

Whenever one invokes a discourse about life, I think of Michel Foucault and his philosophical brilliance in shedding light into the topic of life itself.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Questions and Time Line Therapy®

Have you ever wanted to ask a question, but did not, because you knew your heart could not handle the answer? Have you ever wondered how it would be to live the life you have always wanted? On the other hand, have you ever speculated on your capability to let go of past traumatic experiences that are holding you back? 

 Most of our lives, we dwell on ‘what have happened’ rather than on ‘what actually happened’. We, as customary as age-old traditions, like to keep abreast with the past tenses of our lives rather than on our present and future tenses. We forego present undertakings to delve on past experiences. Nevertheless, we like to dig into the relics of the past than accept the present openly.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Moving and shaping life with Time Line Therapy®

I am the master of my fate; the captain of my ship. I must lead my own self. I have to have balance the peace from within before I could influence, inspire and relate to others.

To be able to lead could, at times, engulf and cloud one’s logical thinking and be misled. You must lead from within; be aware of your strength, weaknesses and limitations. Be aware of your capacities and capabilities but DO NOT let your weaknesses overpower your strengths. Learn to juggle your influences from the past with your present and for your future.

Take on the task but do not allow the task to take over you.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Neuro Linguistic Programming answers your “What Ifs”

What if I told you I love you before you left, would things be different between us?

Realization is masked by regret. We think we have come to a realization but the truth of the matter is that we regret not doing what we have wanted done or achieved. We feel sorry and pity ourselves for what could have been but nowhere are we ready to accept our failure to act on our gusto. We always dwell on the past thus allowing us to forget the importance of our present in relation to our future.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Left Behind? Let Time Line Therapy(r) help you

People come and people go. Like material possessions, they can [literally] leave you breathless and off guard. Indeed, they can contribute to the well being of another person given the intensity or impact that they leave behind. The harsh reality of being left behind warrants a positive response so easy to partake but hard to traverse.

In this vicious cycle called life, man would always experience being left behind. May it be in love or life in general, the idea of being left behind is so inevitable it could actually make or break an individual. It could result in broken filial ties, conked up friendship and wrecked love life. The negative results are as endless as your imagination, however, there could also be a positive effect on the self that if utilized thoroughly could bring you to greater heights.