Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Questions and Time Line Therapy®

Have you ever wanted to ask a question, but did not, because you knew your heart could not handle the answer? Have you ever wondered how it would be to live the life you have always wanted? On the other hand, have you ever speculated on your capability to let go of past traumatic experiences that are holding you back? 

 Most of our lives, we dwell on ‘what have happened’ rather than on ‘what actually happened’. We, as customary as age-old traditions, like to keep abreast with the past tenses of our lives rather than on our present and future tenses. We forego present undertakings to delve on past experiences. Nevertheless, we like to dig into the relics of the past than accept the present openly.

Emotional baggage does, as we like to call them, contribute to the burden we have to carry all our lives. Some people are able to let go of theirs while others cannot. Others opt to have them draped around their shoulders like a big bulky boulder instead of unloading them.  Is it their choice or they are just too busy to unload them?

The concern lies on the fact that man can be too emotionally attached over anything and everything under the sun. He has the ability to drown himself into the vast sea of emotions without him noticing it. Therefore, despite his ability to think, man could be misled and at the same time be deceived by his emotions. A contributory factor on how he is living his life.

What Time Line Therapy® aims for is to let go of emotional baggage’s and eventually gain control over them [emotions]. It allows man to forego of any negativity and convert them to something positive that would assist man to have a fuller life ahead. Time Line Therapy® focuses on the ability of an individual to live is life without ever depending on past experiences. More so, Time Line Therapy® helps man to forego of uncontrollable, unwarranted and unwanted inappropriate behaviors that could hinder his growth both in a personal and professional level.

In addition, Time Line Therapy® intends to help man assess himself by realizing on the potentials of his inappropriate behaviors by utilizing and transforming them to warrant positivity out of them. Nonetheless, Time Line Therapy® would also helps an individual apprehend his weaknesses and convert them into his strengths.

Ergo, man should learn how to release the negativity in him. Discover how to let go of what is holding him back without disrupting his way of life. Accept that, eventually, it is possible to live the life you have always wanted.

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