Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sick of love songs? Learn to love them again with Time Line Therapy®

As I put on my headphones, I automatically shift to another world. A place where nothing could seem to go wrong and everything that I need to say or express comes out with every lyrics of the song I am listening to. The emotions overflow as I listen further and embrace the meaning of the song in my life. I became one with the song and the song becomes my words.

Most often than not, I listen to a song and have it on my playlist on repeat for as long as I can fathom the song. I’m a terrible listener because whenever I like a particular song, I listen to it over and over. 

I used to do that whenever I am undergoing a painful phase in my life. I used to think that songs were specifically made just for me. That everything I need to express comes out right through the songs I listen to. However, like all other things, it must come to an end.

I believe, like me, you have had plenty of songs that you got hooked on to. That like me, you have had your “camera moments” with your songs. But, as fickle minded as we are, we have the tendency to get tired and fed up. You want change as you are ready to move on. And with moving on, songs of the past would now become a mere memory that once made your life momentous.

Songs and phases in life works like Time Line Therapy®, it controls us of our feelings and lessen out tendency of outbursts. With Time Line Therapy®, we become more attune with our emotional stability that we learn how to control it. The moment we learn how to control our emotions makes us accessible to more logical and reasonable understanding of the transformation happening in our own self and the world around us.

Though rendered difficult to achieve control, we can be sure that its effect would be deemed lifelong and future oriented. The aforementioned scenario warrants an understanding that permits an individual to live the life he has always wanted without having to “play around” with his emotions. The quintessential effect of Time Line Therapy® cores upon the notion that limited as we are, we are capable of controlling our emotions for the development of our well-being.

Therefore, Time Line Therapy® triggers the holistic self rather than just parts of it. Its primordial effect  implies a life worthy of living for each and every one of us. 

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