Monday, October 29, 2012

Be defined by Time Line Therapy®

The moment you become attached to someone, your sense of identity disappears. You begin to pattern your life according to how he is with his. Simply put, you become engulfed by someone else’s definition – how you are to act, to feel and communicate.  Thus rendering you limited as a mice inside a maze box.

The aforementioned scenario takes place whether we like it or not. We become involved in a particular circumstance or an individual that warrants us to detach ourselves from our personal agenda of living the life we have always wanted. When we love a person, we become so attached that we lose our sense of identity. We make him or her center of our world. With this, we become lost and confused of how we are to life our own lives.

The moment we become lost and confused, we forego the growth and development of our innate self. We should take into consideration that, from the very start, we are complete and a distinct individual from the rest. We are emotionally and intellectually equipped that we do not need another to fill in the void of completeness. The need to be around someone does not imply that we need to be complete but rather the need to be with someone only implies that we need to belong and be appreciated to fully satisfy the self.

Self-gratification is but the end all and be all of life. It is not about worldly possessions or superficial highs that define our life but rather a genuine appreciation of the inner self.  The mind, body and soul must be working as one in order to feel growth from within.

Never allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s opinion of you. Be your own self and implore the aid of Time Line Therapy® to do so. Enable your controlling power and let everything flow smoothly.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, emotional stability becomes possible. It paves the way for you to be innately satisfied thus eliminating definition by others. In other words, when you are innately developed, you are happy. Really happy. Do not let others define you and your life with their opinions. Instead, be who you are and live the life you have always wanted.

Let Time Line Therapy® be your ticket to a happy and satisfied life. Visit and learn to be the person you really are.

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