Sunday, November 4, 2012

Taking chances with Time Line Therapy®

I am a self-confessed emotional junkie. I hoard all my feelings and emotions in my subconscious and load them until I can manage. In other words, I have difficulty in releasing and letting go of my past.

Like you, I have the ability to forego personal desires in order to make others happy. Even at my own expense. Through this, I keep all my frustrations, aches, mistakes and sadness and embrace doom in me. I let go of “happy hour” and settle for the dark clouds. For me, it is best to be sad than see others suffer of my personal yearning.

I hate taking chances. I am a not a risk-taker. I could actually come up with a bunch of lists of what I am not but I might bore you. Simply put, I lack emotional stability, control and discipline in life and most importantly, I depend on my past to surpass my present.

However, as I aged and maturity strikes in, I learned the value of life and the innate self. I realized that taking chances in life furthers my growth, nourishment and development as a person of rationality and logic. Because of my ability to think, I am able to find reason behind facts and rationalize on the rationality of the situation.

Taking chances does not imply deviancy. It simply exemplifies your ability to let go of your past and learning from them. The past, though considered done, could still play an important role in any one’s life. More so, realization also came in the form of Time Line Therapy® -- a set of techniques used to aid us live the life we have always wanted.

Life is about trusting and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories and learning from the past.

Time Line Therapy® as a powerful set of techniques, enables the unloading of burdensome emotions and feelings that contribute to a life that is not what one yearns or aspires for. Though neurologically embedded, it is directly related to the ability of the subconscious to let go of negativity and convert such to positivity that would help aid an individual attain his goals and objectives in life.

Bear in mind that Time Line Therapy® does not just let go of the past but rather it converts them to something useful. Usefulness here warrants an understanding that involves gratification and satisfaction of the self. This is so because the only way for an individual to appreciate his life and life in general is though self-gratification. The ability to satisfy the innate self serves as the platform for attaining the life an individual always aspires for.

Therefore, learn to trust and take chances. Do not depend on memories instead, learn from the past and appreciate your memories as they would be your best guiding light in having a richer, fuller and better life ahead.

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