Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seize life with Time Line Therapy®

Aside from the fact that we are intellectually stimulating, we are also sensitive, emotional and melodramatic. We overemphasize on our emotions that we develop a certain knack for disallowing the intellect to make the decisions and let the emotions rule over us. We take intellectual matters for granted and depend on our emotions to cater to it. The growing number of failures, defeats and mistakes we stumble upon are all related to our emotions.

Indeed, the aforementioned scenario brings forth a certain degree of truthfulness that enables us to examine how our emotions really work. We may not agree with it wholeheartedly but the moment we accept and realize it, we become aware of the intensity that surrounds it.

Control. A simple yet unfathomable word that could often be misinterpreted. It could mean a negative acceptance of enabling the self to be disciplined thus exemplifying an irrational acceptance of it or, on the other hand, it could warrant a positive response that connotes discipline in the way you are to live your life in general.

Yes, with control comes discipline and vice versa. Both of them are quintessential requirements in enabling the self to grow and be spontaneously developed. It is but a quest for man to have his life lives to a brink; it shall not be stagnated. If life becomes stagnant, he becomes undernourished, underdeveloped and his life becomes unworthy of living.

One way to help an individual live his life to the way he has always wanted it to be is through the help of Time Line Therapy®.  It is basically a set of techniques that allows man to gain control over his emotions. The way it works is that it makes allows man to realize his life as he is living it now –not because of the past but because of the present and future. It is important to emphasize that there is a need to put value on the self above all. The self makes you who you are thus enabling you to be where you are now. Furthermore, it allows you to live the life you have always wanted.

Therefore, do not let yourself lose over superficial matters. Instead, have the courage to stop when you need to and go when you have to. Ponder on your beliefs but do not let the past take over you. Let yourself lose and experience how it is to be free. Be your own genie and grant your every desire.

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