Sunday, February 24, 2013

How Time Line Therapy® and NLP Hypnosis helped me with my boredom

Losing weight and keeping a toned body has always been my waterloo. I easily get tempted to stop and eat and go back to my old ways. I admit, I am not one to stay in a particular situation and do it repeatedly; I like the spontaneity that comes with life. However, as much as I want to be spontaneous, I have to think of my well-being too.

I have been in rigorous diet plans, taken dietary supplements and religiously went to the gym but, as time passed by, I got bored and pulled away. I believe that, in the beginning, I was doing well for I have lost a big chunk of weight but as I got tired of my daily routine, things became mundane thus I needed to get out.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Despite the Distractions, I Can Be Me

Sometimes, I pretend to be normal and be like everybody else. I would opt to settle for what the majority agrees upon and do what the majority is doing. I would go where the crowd is and eat like them in order to belong. I have tried fitting in, although I have my own niche, and be what the “everybody” is doing. For a while, it was fun but I got bored and went back to being me.

I have been in the “confusion” bandwagon just like everybody else. Trying to fit in and belong is what we normal yearn for and in the process, be where the crowd is. I mean, we all want to be in the know and seen but in the process, we tend to lose ourselves. Yes, we lose who we are and instead be who we are not. Simply put, we have a façade of somebody else and our innate self – a very unlikely combination that aptly describes and defines who we are. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beyond the Obvious and into Reality

The most important things in life are not things. Yes, this is true. Things are but perishable thus they end up in the trash and forgotten. As much as we would like to stock up and pile on material things, with wear and tear, they would eventually rot and be parted away with. 

To part away from something implies a literal act of turning back and walking away. It so speaks of the ability of the self to let go and move on. Although, like breaking up and being left behind, it is but one tough act to overcome. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Learning to Love Again with the Aid of NLP and TLT

To be happy is one thing but to be able to maintain and sustain such is another. For one, I am happy. I may not be with another significant other at this moment but I am happy as I am stable. I am working thus I am able to support my yearnings in life. I am surrounded with people I call friends that, anytime of the day, I can talk to them about everything and anything under the sun. Importantly, I have a family that supports me and contributes well into the perfection and completeness of my life.

I would be a hypocrite if I say that I am not one who gets jealous of those who are with a significant other in their lives but , with all honesty, I can say that I am happy of where I am now and who I am with. The time I spent gawking at lovers have passed as I have learned to embrace what I have. I used to dwell on the imaginary and question why I have no one in particular to be right by my side, but as hours turned into days, I have accepted that this is not the right time to fall in love. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Control the Self with TLT

Waging war is but an inevitable pastime of each and every one of us. Admittedly, we like to start a fight and end up regretting why we even traversed that path in the first place. We like to experience pain and be frustrated but never admit to defeat. We dwell on our wrongs but never do we like to accept of our wrongdoings. 

Now, you might ask, what kind of war are we always in that we cannot seem to part with? Initiating a duel with our inner self is what we are always at. We like to strike the iron while it is hot and regret having to strike it in the first place. We like to test our inner self with our inner demons and wage a never-ending war inside. In short, we like to pressure ourselves with our own doing and be depressed and frustrated in the end. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to be In Charge with Time Line Therapy®

Humans as we are, we are always on a constant search. We like to keep ourselves busy thus; we like to keep on searching for something even without knowing what it is. The genius in us exemplifies our cognitive ability to comprehend while our emotional intelligence highlights our right to brag. In other words, we search to be able to fulfill both our innate and external selves. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Dynamic Duo of NLP And Time Line Therapy®

Last time I cried, I was all drenched with tears and sweat that I could hardly breathe. I was so caught up with the moment that I was lost for rationale and more so of the presence of time. I was quiet slumped and sulking over a bountiful spill that I have not been aware of my personal needs. All I could think of was how to put my aching heart to rest. 

I know crying my eyes off won’t help me get by, more so, surpass the ordeal. I need to control myself, though I am trying, still to no avail. I cannot stop even if I want to. Of the days that I kept things to myself, I would end up sleeping after a tearful session. By the time I wake up, I would be all sore and weary of the world around me. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making A Move With NLP And TLT

make a move with NLP and TLT
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Waiting patiently for the one to make us feel complete has been on top our list. We like to keep up with the demands of our innate self in lieu of the satisfaction we all are craving for. Indeed, we want to feel gratified and appreciated by another; be loved by an individual aside from those we are accustomed to. In short, to be in the radar of another individual and be aptly recognized means we are that somebody to that someone.

We do not yearn to be famous (out there) but maybe in somebody’s heart we are. Uplifting and thrilling, yes, but more so if we know of it. To be secretly in love with another could be as suicidal as crossing the streets at night without any reflective devices on hand. Although keeping it first in the sack means you are careful enough to understand the feelings of the other, still frustration could result while standing in line.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Discover The Colors Of The Spectrum Through NLP And TLT

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I admit, I am one of impulse. I act on the gravity of the situation and never on the rationale behind such. Although I use my rationality in relation to the major decisions in my life, I act on impulse on the superficiality that makes up my day. Yes, I do that. I let the wind take me to where I want to without having a map on hand. I want to expect the unexpected thus I do not expect. Expectation begets frustration thus I do not want to be in the slope.

Love works in mysterious ways as life works in the darkness. Do not get me wrong, I love life and without such I would be in a dungeon with all the creatures of the dark. However, I believe in the movement of life; that it all starts with darkness then comes the light. I believe in the evolution of life thus in the evolution of the self. I am not one to dwell on the negativity of a particular ordeal as I am one to seek the light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, I have learned to accept that change brings forth positivity in the self despite the presence of negativity.