Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to be In Charge with Time Line Therapy®

Humans as we are, we are always on a constant search. We like to keep ourselves busy thus; we like to keep on searching for something even without knowing what it is. The genius in us exemplifies our cognitive ability to comprehend while our emotional intelligence highlights our right to brag. In other words, we search to be able to fulfill both our innate and external selves. 

Our innate selves wishes to be deeply empowered thus allowing the self to perform at par. It seeks to have a sturdy self that could withstand any prevailing encumbrances that could destroy our thoughts, beliefs and actions of what we know to be true. In short, we seek to have an innate self that is developed and nourished to allow the fulfillment of the processing of raw sensory data. In other words, we have an innate self that is able to differentiate a weakness from that of a strength and transform all the negativity into positivity for a more positively charged self. 

On the other hand, the bragging part lets the self exude a certain degree of confidence that boosts one to appear strong and stable in the eyes o others. To be such enables the self to impart part of himself to another thus giving him the advantage in the game called life. Although it must not be the end all and be all of his existence, he is just as proud as someone who has landed on the moon. To exude one’s confidence equates to a wide array of opportunities for the self – something that underlies him being on top of the class.
Time Line Therapy®, hereinafter referred to as TLT, enables the self of the control that it needs. To be able to gain emotional control allows the self to perform at par with his goals and objectives in life and also be able to exude his individuality. In addition, TLT enables the self to let go and move on. To eradicate what is holding you back best explains that need to cleanse the self of that which hinders his growth. Nobody wants to stagnate – that one is for sure. 

To be an achiever is what we are all after. We want to be known as someone who can and not someone who cannot. The negativity that resides within us must be eliminated to stop further damage in the self. More so, it enables the self to be a somebody amidst the many nobody’s in the world – something that enables the whole self to be at peace with his past, present and future all at once. 

Thus, find ways to positively charge yourself and be better than the best that you could ever be. 

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