Monday, February 4, 2013

Discover The Colors Of The Spectrum Through NLP And TLT

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I admit, I am one of impulse. I act on the gravity of the situation and never on the rationale behind such. Although I use my rationality in relation to the major decisions in my life, I act on impulse on the superficiality that makes up my day. Yes, I do that. I let the wind take me to where I want to without having a map on hand. I want to expect the unexpected thus I do not expect. Expectation begets frustration thus I do not want to be in the slope.

Love works in mysterious ways as life works in the darkness. Do not get me wrong, I love life and without such I would be in a dungeon with all the creatures of the dark. However, I believe in the movement of life; that it all starts with darkness then comes the light. I believe in the evolution of life thus in the evolution of the self. I am not one to dwell on the negativity of a particular ordeal as I am one to seek the light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, I have learned to accept that change brings forth positivity in the self despite the presence of negativity.

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Black and white is how I see life. Black connotes negativity as white implies positivity. However, there are the colors in between that typify the choices that bring colors in life. Yes, the choices we make inspire and motivate us to attain the end. To do such, we strive to be that best that we could ever be; even to the point of exhausting our potentials to its fullest in relation to our quest for a better, richer and fuller life ahead.

Eventually, we learn to grow in anticipation. We begin to seek the guidance of what could make us see the bright light. We yearn for the perfection of the imperfection and the completeness of the incomplete. In other words, we see beyond what is expected thus we acquire the ability to be contented and seek for more. Although it is said that we need to be contented in life, the more we traverse into the path of life, the more we need to be beyond the usual. Simply put, to be contented means we are giving up on the vastness of life and of what may be in front of us. We must be open to the many possibilities of life and never get tired of going beyond the line.

However, with the freedom to seek comes discipline and control. We must be one with control so as to learn how to live the life that we have always wanted and discipline to keep track of our goals and objectives in life. More so, it is too important to keep abreast with our neurological, linguistic and behavior skills in lieu of the self that we want to empower and exude in the real world. The rapport and connection established with the outside world helps in defining who we are and to where we want to be.

How? It is easy with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®, NLP and TLT respectively; you would be able to learn more about life and enrich the self both innately and externally. Explore your own self and be amazed on what you might discover. 

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