Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Despite the Distractions, I Can Be Me

Sometimes, I pretend to be normal and be like everybody else. I would opt to settle for what the majority agrees upon and do what the majority is doing. I would go where the crowd is and eat like them in order to belong. I have tried fitting in, although I have my own niche, and be what the “everybody” is doing. For a while, it was fun but I got bored and went back to being me.

I have been in the “confusion” bandwagon just like everybody else. Trying to fit in and belong is what we normal yearn for and in the process, be where the crowd is. I mean, we all want to be in the know and seen but in the process, we tend to lose ourselves. Yes, we lose who we are and instead be who we are not. Simply put, we have a façade of somebody else and our innate self – a very unlikely combination that aptly describes and defines who we are. 

Admittedly, I am as confused as that of others. I have tried to blend in and I had but I was fortunate enough to wake up from that slumber and let go from my delusion. I know, it is just a phase but if you are not able to let go and realize the need to let go, then you are, most likely, not living the life that you have always wanted. In other words, you are wasting and throwing your life out like that of a piece of garbage. 

Indeed, it is difficult to keep a self that is ultimately you. We have that tendency to camouflage ourselves with the rest and in the process adapt to their ways. Although shaping and molding like the rest is part of our development in order to achieve our goals and objectives in life, still we have to realize of the importance to be your own self despite the many others in the society. To be able to establish your identity and exude your individuality should be your ultimate goal and nothing else. 

Be Time Line Therapy® (TLT) andNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) equipped and discover how to satisfy your own cravings and exude your own identity. Learn control and live the life that you have always wanted. TLT helps you analyze the life that you have and develop it through control and letting go of what hinders you to be you. On the other hand, NLP empowers the innate self in relation to its aim to be a perfect and compete self despite its imperfections and incompleteness. 

Be in control and not the other way around. Love your flaws and stand your ground. Although, it is but inevitable to submit to the many qualms of life and settle to be like the rest, it must still not be the zeal of one’s existence. Despite the distractions, keep abreast with what you want and develop it. Stop copying and instead start being you for it is still never too late to be you. 

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