Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Control the Self with TLT

Waging war is but an inevitable pastime of each and every one of us. Admittedly, we like to start a fight and end up regretting why we even traversed that path in the first place. We like to experience pain and be frustrated but never admit to defeat. We dwell on our wrongs but never do we like to accept of our wrongdoings. 

Now, you might ask, what kind of war are we always in that we cannot seem to part with? Initiating a duel with our inner self is what we are always at. We like to strike the iron while it is hot and regret having to strike it in the first place. We like to test our inner self with our inner demons and wage a never-ending war inside. In short, we like to pressure ourselves with our own doing and be depressed and frustrated in the end. 

Admittedly, I do such to myself. I test myself and see how far I can go and the end of the day, I slumped into my seat and sulk over a gallon of spilled milk. I regret having to test myself and open the portals to my inner demons. I call them my demons as their presence tend to quake my stable state of mind. Although they always bring forth chaos and questions after another, I am happy to have them in my presence, as I am able to further assess my skill, knowledge and ability to face the many facets of life. 

The façade may appear calm but on the inside, the self is as disturbed and destroyed as when the Tsunami hit Japan. Everything is in disarray as it seeks to make an alignment out of an imaginary line. Acting on impulse, the self makes sure that the external and fascia is as sturdy as the wall of Berlin and is spared from the destruction coming in from the inside. 

To say war connotes a negative implication that could inherently lead to the destruction of the self. However, a war could also signify a certain degree of positivity that enables the self to appreciate its innate self and capacity to surpass encumbrances. Indeed, a catch 22 that tends to test the self in its entirety. 

To be able to control the self is something that Time Line Therapy®, hereinafter referred to as TLT, is all about. To begin with, it seeks to empower the self in gaining emotional control over situations and circumstances that greatly affect the development and nourishment of the self. In short, TLT aims to help the self realize its many possibilities in life thus paving the way for positivity to emerge. Despite the many issue that the self might encounter, with TLT and control from within, the self is able to withstand the many other demands of both the innate and external self.

Although doubting and questioning the self is what we normally do, let us not overdo it and regret in the end. Let us learn the ability to control and being in control.   

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