Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beyond the Obvious and into Reality

The most important things in life are not things. Yes, this is true. Things are but perishable thus they end up in the trash and forgotten. As much as we would like to stock up and pile on material things, with wear and tear, they would eventually rot and be parted away with. 

To part away from something implies a literal act of turning back and walking away. It so speaks of the ability of the self to let go and move on. Although, like breaking up and being left behind, it is but one tough act to overcome. 

To quantify things to be important is one thing but to complement it and render it as top most important is not justifiable. Although we like having things around, we also like to disregard them once in our possession. We are elated by their presence but just of temporary happiness. In short, the pleasure they impart upon us is not long lasting thus it perishes together with them. 

Then, what is most important in life? Subjectively speaking, I would quantify life as the most important and I firmly believe it to be so. To say the least, life is the end all and be all; the over and above everything in this world. it speaks of the existence of one thus it seats at the highest pedestal. It is more than anything and is as priceless as air. That is why, life is given much more importance than anything else in the world. 

To warrant the understanding of life implies a quest of seeing life unfold before you. To quantify it is like attempting to count all the atoms in your body – never ending. It may be done, yes, but not the exact number that we need. In other words, life is lived and thus must be given its due respect and importance and not defined. 

The likes of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®, NLP and TLT respectively, aim to help the self establish its identity and exude its greatness above all. Indeed, both are leaning towards the path of self-improvement and cores upon the realization of developing, improving and nourishing life in general. The self is but a player and life is the playing field thus the self must be ready to play the game called life. That is why, the self, through NLP and TLT, needs to empower itself both innately and externally in order to be ready for life. Still, the self would and could never be ready as far as life and preparations are concerned and so there is a need to give due importance in enabling the sustenance and maintenance of life per se. With the abovementioned and their methods of self- improvement, life could be learned and eventually played with ease. 

Life is more than the things that we crave for. It sets the highest possible standard in being happy – not temporarily but for a long time.  Life encompasses everything thus it is important to give the credit where it is due. 

Stop being a slave for temporary happiness and settle for that one thing that could give you infinite happiness. It may not be tangible but then again, you can modify it according to how you want to life it. Feel liberated and empower your being now.

Question: What is important for you?

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