Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good news, Bad news, Who Knows. Anticipation, Experience and Life

They say decisions make or break an individual’s perception of life. For some most of us, decision-making can mean means being stuck in a catch 22  situations where either we have an extreme positive or negative end result. We also have that ability to think beyond the usual and anticipate countless options after options without going over the intensity of our thinking. We opt for the painful road than the paved one without even realizing the reason why we want to be hurt before being happy. 

To decide means to stay focus on the givens. However, are we always focused on the problem itself or we just like to think of it that way?

As wise and mature individuals, we tend to over think. We come to that phase in life wherein we base our [present] life with past experiences and future negative inferences. Never do we decide based on what is now – or on what we have [now].

The present remains a laboratory based on the past and the future.

Fickle minded. That is how we all are is how we can all be. Not just women,  but the also the men too. Never have I met someone who has had made a decision in a flick of a finger. Everything is done through a process. However, no one process or method is followed and recommended by all.Thus,the fact remains that decisions are always a byproduct of the past and the future.  

Time Line Therapy® teaches us the art of letting go of the past, and embracing both the present and the future. Time Line Therapy® deals with an individual’s personal time line and works its way through it for an individual to have a better life thereafter. The very essence of Time Line Therapy® is to allow growth on an individual without disrupting how he is living his life now based on what he is hanging on to now. 

What Time Line Therapy® does is that it aims to restructure an individual by letting go of his past and negative experiences and transforming them into a learning positive that would further contribute to his development. 

The raison d’être behind Time Line Therapy® is to empower an individual’s present and future more than his past. Through this, an individual could verily devise a plan and come up with a decision based on his today and tomorrow and not solely based on his yesterday.  Thus, the flow of an individual’s thinking and emotional basis would core upon what he needs to decide upon now (at this immediate time) and how he would be in the future and not dependent on how he was before. 


  1. At the end of the day, people are usually complain on how stressful their work is. But the most stressful thing is when were emotionally down. In other words, emotional stress. Such conditions not only affect you psychologically but also badly affect our health physically. Often, we have to face disappointment in love or sometime we have to lose our dear one. These incidents fill our life with dissatisfaction, frustration and regret and make it more difficult to live. People often take prescribed drugs to recover for mental stress, but it does not always give a desired outcome.

    1. Hello Time Line Therapy(r) Basics!

      Thanks for commenting. We appreciate it. I totally acquiesce with this statement: "People often take prescribed drugs to recover for mental stress, but it does not always give a desired outcome."
      That's the reason why they should be introduced and engaged with NLP and Time Line Therapy(r) for a better, richer, and fuller life. Am I right?

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