Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I think of you.. My heart belongs to you

An emotional journey with Time Line Therapy®

Why do we fall in love? Is it intuition that makes us fall in love or is it but inevitable for us to long for another individual to make us feel loved and teach us how to love?

The idea of love is both a vast and vague concept at the same time. It is ungraspable like the wind, unseen like the ghost and unheard of like the choir of angels up above. Despite its incongruence with what we normally accept and believe to be true, we still believe in love. We say we are in love with a particular individual and we experience a different high with whomever it is that we are in love with.

However, how would we know if we are really in love or just in love with the notion of love? Is love measureable? Is love definable?

Personally, I do not know the difference between temporary high and being in love.  I admit, I have felt the butterflies flutter like crazy in my stomach, fireworks of shapes, colors and sizes in my dreamland and heard the choir sing my favorite tune but still if asked, “What is love?”, I still do not have the slightest idea of its definition and existence. Does it really exist? Or on the other hand, is it just a make believe concept?

Love, for most of us, is uncertain. It lacks the quality and characteristics of scientific factual base that needs proving or even a tangible situation that could be proved in the courts of law. Whenever we are in love, we act with all confidence and exude a certain aura that makes the people around us assume that we are in love. We are humbled by the love we receive but overly confident with the love we give. That is how we are whenever we are in love. We bypass minute details in our surroundings but give extraordinary diligence in the minutest aspect given by the one’s we love.

Whenever we are in love, we tend to forget about particular conscious acts and live in our own subconscious paradise. We are aware; yes, we are always aware, but only to a certain extent. We disregard what we once thought of as important and focus on our own paradise. We like to keep afloat of others and traverse our own love path – without giving due credence to how others see, feel and understand us.

We lose our sense of reality and lose emotional control over our lives. We like to think we are in-tune with our feelings and emotions but the truth of the matter is that, we are not. Never would somebody who is in love be in touch with his or her innate being. Focus is lost, concentration is disregarded and cognitive reasoning is overpowered by emotions – and that is the real scenario.

 The idea behind Time Line Therapy® is to gain and, at the same time, regain emotional control. It allows an individual to hold on to the things, emotions and feelings that would help him further develop and nourish his well-being and learn to let go of his past negative experiences that hinder his growth. To be in love does not necessarily connote a negative perception but rather to be in love could sometimes mean a total turnaround of how you once were.

Being in touch with reality is what Time Line Therapy® would want to ponder on. It directs its understanding on our ability to keep abreast with reality and our make-shift dreamland without losing too much focus. For what Time Line Therapy® wants to propose is that, at the end of the day, we only have ourselves to cradle, understand and sleep with. Whatever we may feel of the level or excitement we may embrace in our lives, would soon be a memory and too much negative memories in our subconscious would mean us having to carry the burden all throughout the rest of our lives.

Thus, learn how to gain emotional control and develop your cognitive reasoning even in the state of being in love. Learn to love, feel and think all at the same time with NLP Training. You’ll see – things would all fall into place.  

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