Sunday, September 16, 2012

Change : a curse or a blessing?

Human as we are, we opt for assurance. Whether it is in the workplace, in school, in love or in life, we want something that is sturdy, steady, and sure. Taking risks and chances are rendered foreign as what we want is something with finality.

Fragile as we are, we tend to be physically and emotionally attached to things. We value and put value on every little thing possible – this includes scribbles on pieces of papers, cinema tickets and even candy wrappers.

Change for us means venturing into a foreign path—a path less traveled.  Change for us means saying goodbye to old ways and saying hello to new things. For us, change is good but not when it is happening to us.

In truth, change is but the only constant thing in this world. For some, change is inevitable but could be ignored.

For someone as fickle minded as I am [green blooded Sagittarius], change is but a constant companion. May it be on a personal or professional note – change is there. Not that I do not have my ‘word’ on decisions I make but change and I have always worked together just fine.

I love the idea of trial and error and of course hypothesis testing. In my profession as a Chef, recipes do not come in fixed ratios or proportions. Everything is tested before it becomes a recipe for keeps. Trying on combinations, testing mixtures and changing ingredients is but natural inside the kitchen. You tend to ‘sniff’ and ‘scurry’ every single time just to get that ‘perfect’ recipe.

Change is also a limitation. Yes, this is a fact. However, it is us who also have the ability to make the most out of it. In the workplace, for one, change seems to be seen as a bad thing as it ‘disrupts’ the already calm surrounding. More so, changes in the workplace at times create chaos between and amongst employees. Thus, theneed to be aware, ready and susceptible of change.

According to Theodore Roosevelt: There is nothing to fear but fear itself and thus, one should not see change as a threat or even a limitation but rather see change as an inspiration.

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