Monday, September 10, 2012

A Day with Time Line Therapy®

Flawless. An idealistic state of mind that mainly appertains to an inexistent being of purity and divinity. Though the word is used mainly to mean ‘beautiful’, ‘timeless’ or ‘majestic’,  individuals aim to be flawless despite the limitations posted by their very existence. To be branded as ‘flawless’ exceeds the epiphany of divine intervention. Thus, to be [flawless] is to be one with the self. This should NOT be the case.

The idea behind being human appertains to the ability to accept that man is limited. Man could never be flawless nor could ever be perfect. Cliché anecdote speaks for itself --- nobody is perfect. Indeed, nobody is perfect enough to claim that he is perfect.

With today’s advancement, man’s existence verily relies on the development of technology to grope on his being and growth both on a personal and professional level. Career advancement means seeping in with workmates, getting highly paid and climbing the ladder of success.  For some, temporary high means a stockpile of worldly possessions coupled with the feeling of impermanent ecstasy.

Given that man is limited, the least that he can do is to gain momentum and control over his life. To do this, he must be ready to accept and embrace the existence of change and the many possible transformations that may come with it. He must be willing to accept that, one way or another, there would be transitions that could make or break the way he is living his life.

Particularly, the concept behind Time Line Therapy®, as discovered and developed by the equally talented Dr. Tad James, MS, PhD, is to gain emotional control in life. What is its relevance to the aforementioned? For starters, gaining emotional control means man is able to forego any negative emotional baggage’s that are limiting his growth. More so, gaining emotional control allows an individual the capability to see and foresee   how he should live his life now and in the future.

Time Line Therapy® techniques helps an individual delineate the negativity in him.  As aforementioned, nobody is perfect but we can strive to be one. By striving to be perfect we devoid ourselves the negativity that hinders us the growth that we deserve. Time Line Therapy® helps an individual to see beyond stereotypical comments and preconceived notions in lieu of experiences and understand the importance of living according to the present and future situations.  

In order to strike balance in life, man should learn how to set his priorities – present situations deserve present day actions and the likes. Keep in mind that what Time Line Therapy® aims for is creating a demarcation line amongst the past, present and future and living the life you truly deserve – minus the negative vibes in your life. Keep abreast with reality and live a life worth living.


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