Sunday, August 5, 2012

Minding my own business

You are what you are. Your life has never been about any other person in the planet. Your life is your own business. Much like their lives, their business.

    In today’s perplexed world, people tend to situate themselves in the shoes of others. In other words, though rendered taboo in the olden days, people meddle with the lives of others as if it is their business.

Given the availability of media and technology, private lives tend to be public as far as the internet is concerned. The likes of social media channels, everything you post could be taken for and against you and never in between.

Exaggeration and media go hand in hand. What good is a story without it being covered by the media. That is why, we must think before we post anything on our walls or of others. Be mindful of how others would interpret your thoughts. What might be a joke to you may not be to them.

Over and over again, we have been told, forewarned and cautioned to mind our own business. Meddle if you must but at your own risk.

Camaraderie and the feeling of belongingness is as important as sexual gratification. Both could be attained but too much of anything is unworthy of time and effort. Take everything in moderation and learn to let go of your urge to meddle in with the lives of the people around you. Too much meddling means stagnation of personal growth and development.

Mind your own business. Meddle with your affairs and limit your scope to your own backyard. Understand the need to be free from any fringes that could hinder your growth. Time loss could never be regained. Live your life accordingly before you can meddle in with others’ lives.

 In general, growth has never been only about the number of centimeters you have outgrown your last measurement rather growth must be taken in its general essence. Live your life as you have perceived and wanted it, not based on how others are living their lives.

Ergo, forego any negative notion of shaping and molding your own life according to how others are living theirs.

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