Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life beyond the pretense

How can I be so demanding? For most of our lives, we aim for power, title and honor to be accepted. We crave for attention to belong. However, is it the end all and be all of our lives? Do we live just for that?

Given the scenario where the world moves faster than a speeding bullet, all the clamor for acceptance and sense of belongingness lead to extreme beliefs that an individual is not an individual without something to brag about. Unrealistic as it seems, bragging, like your imagination, is your only limitation--- no one can say “stop” when you are on a bragging spree.

The world is deceptive. Do not be fooled by simple gestures, baroque talks and outlandish material things. Always think beyond the portico. Guard yourself from people. I am not imposing that you do not trust the people around you, rather, do not trust the devil inside them.

Always be aware of the things that are happening around you. For once, rely on your intuition and gut feel. Do not let peer pressure take control over your ability to think and learn to decide for yourself. Go with what you firmly believe is true and never look back; because looking back means you are not confident.

Stand your ground and plant your foot firmly on it. Life is not always about belonging and being accepted, but rather, it is about understanding and accepting your own self. Basic as it may be but still quite a number of us do not value the self over material things.

Let go of unwanted worldly possessions and go back. Love yourself from within.

Ergo, accept your flaws more than your perfections and the rest would follow. Be confident in your own skin and everybody would realize that you value and give yourself importance. Through this, you do not have to brag about yourself but instead, the people around you would.

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