Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love through rose colored glasses

We long for the truth. We long for understanding. We long to love. However, most of all, we long to be loved. We have a certain mindset that appertains directly to the idea of love, loving and being loved to feel complete. The vicious cycle of life, as it is coined, would never be complete without the presence of love. Alternatively, would it ever be ‘real’ without love.

The only wrong thing (in this life) would be to deny yourself with what your heart truly feels. Yes, I admit, the whole love bug thing is one state I long to be in. I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter at your very site, I want to feel the spark and the electricity emanating from you to me and I want to feel the warmth of your presence next to me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I think of you.. My heart belongs to you

An emotional journey with Time Line Therapy®

Why do we fall in love? Is it intuition that makes us fall in love or is it but inevitable for us to long for another individual to make us feel loved and teach us how to love?

The idea of love is both a vast and vague concept at the same time. It is ungraspable like the wind, unseen like the ghost and unheard of like the choir of angels up above. Despite its incongruence with what we normally accept and believe to be true, we still believe in love. We say we are in love with a particular individual and we experience a different high with whomever it is that we are in love with.

However, how would we know if we are really in love or just in love with the notion of love? Is love measureable? Is love definable?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

De-stressing Stress

True, we all need stress in our lives to keep us well and healthy. However, too much of something, particularly stress, is bad for the health. According to studies, too much stress causes chemicals to react thus, rendering damage to the brain.

The solution? Develop the ability to remove and eradicate excess stress from your system. Now the question is, “how do you do it?”

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good news, Bad news, Who Knows. Anticipation, Experience and Life

They say decisions make or break an individual’s perception of life. For some most of us, decision-making can mean means being stuck in a catch 22  situations where either we have an extreme positive or negative end result. We also have that ability to think beyond the usual and anticipate countless options after options without going over the intensity of our thinking. We opt for the painful road than the paved one without even realizing the reason why we want to be hurt before being happy. 

To decide means to stay focus on the givens. However, are we always focused on the problem itself or we just like to think of it that way?

As wise and mature individuals, we tend to over think. We come to that phase in life wherein we base our [present] life with past experiences and future negative inferences. Never do we decide based on what is now – or on what we have [now].

The present remains a laboratory based on the past and the future.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Change : a curse or a blessing?

Human as we are, we opt for assurance. Whether it is in the workplace, in school, in love or in life, we want something that is sturdy, steady, and sure. Taking risks and chances are rendered foreign as what we want is something with finality.

Fragile as we are, we tend to be physically and emotionally attached to things. We value and put value on every little thing possible – this includes scribbles on pieces of papers, cinema tickets and even candy wrappers.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A trip down memory lane with Time Line Therapy®

Memories best describe how we are as an individual – both in the personal and professional level. It shows how we were [once] and how we are now. Memories, like experiences, cores upon an individual’s past and his ability to let go of unwanted negative behaviors and predisposed notions that are deemed contributory to his development.

Memories are like sand boxes – full to a brink but could be disposed of anytime you want. More so, sand boxes could be decorated with colorful items that could be enjoyed by all. Just like our memories, they are as colorful as the rainbow after the rain, full as the ocean basin and disposable when not needed. As much as we want to keep everything, and that is definitely true of us, there are just some things [in life] that we need to delete, erase and dispose. In other words, we could only handle a certain amount and degree of past experiences before we spill over.   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At the beginning with you. This is my story. This is our story. This is us.

I love me. For the longest time, I believed that no good person would ever love me anymore. The past months proved all wrong as I underwent the tedious process of moving on from a previous relationship that made me hate my life so much I had to take medications to be well and to being in love with the next person who made me happy. I love me. I had to keep myself well for the reason that I need to be well to be able to live my life according to my plan.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Day with Time Line Therapy®

Flawless. An idealistic state of mind that mainly appertains to an inexistent being of purity and divinity. Though the word is used mainly to mean ‘beautiful’, ‘timeless’ or ‘majestic’,  individuals aim to be flawless despite the limitations posted by their very existence. To be branded as ‘flawless’ exceeds the epiphany of divine intervention. Thus, to be [flawless] is to be one with the self. This should NOT be the case.

The idea behind being human appertains to the ability to accept that man is limited. Man could never be flawless nor could ever be perfect. Cliché anecdote speaks for itself --- nobody is perfect. Indeed, nobody is perfect enough to claim that he is perfect.