Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love through rose colored glasses

We long for the truth. We long for understanding. We long to love. However, most of all, we long to be loved. We have a certain mindset that appertains directly to the idea of love, loving and being loved to feel complete. The vicious cycle of life, as it is coined, would never be complete without the presence of love. Alternatively, would it ever be ‘real’ without love.

The only wrong thing (in this life) would be to deny yourself with what your heart truly feels. Yes, I admit, the whole love bug thing is one state I long to be in. I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter at your very site, I want to feel the spark and the electricity emanating from you to me and I want to feel the warmth of your presence next to me.

I have always been the hopeless romantic – getting hyperactive with the idea of love, life and of having that someone special. I would create my own never land and role play my life with you in it. Foresee my life in year’s time with you and me as the main characters. Most of all create a special nook for you in my brain as you already consume part of it.

However, life should not always be about how you want it to be. Rather, life should be about how you are living it now. Life should not be too past and present dependent; there shall be a balance in between.

The formidable techniques of Time Line Therapy® helps an individual differentiate memories from the past, reality of the present and projection of the future. Time Line Therapy® allows an individual to realize and embrace change at the unconscious level.

For beginners, Time Line Therapy® yearns to bridge the gap amongst the past, present and future for a better life ahead. Time Line Therapy® aims to discard any grudge, burden or negativity in the human system. Devoid of negativity, an individual is able to live a lighter and positive life.

Indeed, life is short, so do not make it shorter by dwelling on the past and all the negativity it brings to your life. Claim the positive attributes that life has to offer and embrace the change it brings. Understand how the mind works up tothe subconscious level. Withdraw from superficial and preconceived notions of others and learn to stand your own ground.


  1. The NLP TimeLine Process is an NLP process that accesses and releases pivotal limiting decisions that hold in place dysfunctional patterns in your relationships, self-esteem, career, financial situation and other areas of your life that aren't working. It is an inherently hypnotic process, enabling participants to access the first event in which they made the limiting decision, which is necessary in order to clear it. TimeLine is structured in a very particular way, according to how the brain works, making it very effective. A significant limiting decision is usually cleared in each session. Jane's penetrating intuitive and empathic skills, combined with this powerful process, facilitate profound life changes.

    1. Thanks Time Line Therapy(r) Basics for commenting and sharing your knowledge. We appreciate it.