Thursday, September 13, 2012

A trip down memory lane with Time Line Therapy®

Memories best describe how we are as an individual – both in the personal and professional level. It shows how we were [once] and how we are now. Memories, like experiences, cores upon an individual’s past and his ability to let go of unwanted negative behaviors and predisposed notions that are deemed contributory to his development.

Memories are like sand boxes – full to a brink but could be disposed of anytime you want. More so, sand boxes could be decorated with colorful items that could be enjoyed by all. Just like our memories, they are as colorful as the rainbow after the rain, full as the ocean basin and disposable when not needed. As much as we want to keep everything, and that is definitely true of us, there are just some things [in life] that we need to delete, erase and dispose. In other words, we could only handle a certain amount and degree of past experiences before we spill over.   

Time Line Therapy® techniques were developed specifically to aid man in his quest for a fuller and better life ahead. It aims to help man eradicate the negativity in him and transform them to something positive without disrupting his [present] way of life. Though deemed impossible, letting go of past experiences and unwanted memories could verily facilitate man’s growth and development.  

More so, Time Line Therapy® intends to help man gain control over his emotions. Yes, gaining momentum over your emotions could help you get back on track. Unwarranted outbursts, preconceived behavioral patterns and nonchalant opinions could hinder man’s growth both in the personal and professional level.

Embrace the possibility that life has more to offer than what you already know of. Dispose any emotional burden and keep the one’s that matter most in your life. Have a positive outlook in life and everything else would follow.    

One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach; one can only collect a few.

Today is Play in the Sand Day! Take a deep breath and drag your feet along the ticklish shoreline of a nearby beach and reminisce all that has happened in your life (say a month or two ago).  Recall how you reacted over worldly matters that had made an impact in your life [in general].  How has it changed you? Was the change positively or negatively embraced by you? Track down the changes that took place and discover how you have matured and grown inside and out. Help your own self realize your life innately.

Arouse the kid in you and savor life’s simple pleasures. Cliché as it may be but live life to the fullest and do not let a moment pass you by. Remember that regret lurks in at every instance it can, thus, do what you must and regret no more. 

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