Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Left Behind? Let Time Line Therapy(r) help you

People come and people go. Like material possessions, they can [literally] leave you breathless and off guard. Indeed, they can contribute to the well being of another person given the intensity or impact that they leave behind. The harsh reality of being left behind warrants a positive response so easy to partake but hard to traverse.

In this vicious cycle called life, man would always experience being left behind. May it be in love or life in general, the idea of being left behind is so inevitable it could actually make or break an individual. It could result in broken filial ties, conked up friendship and wrecked love life. The negative results are as endless as your imagination, however, there could also be a positive effect on the self that if utilized thoroughly could bring you to greater heights.

 The truth of the matter is that man could, for a moment in time, be engulfed by powerful emotions and let go of all the logical and reasonable tendencies in him. In other words, man has the tendency to waste his life in a snap – foregoing everything around and about him for the sake of emotional drowning.

Behind every dark cloud is a sun shining in all its glory.

Emotional drowning could be considered suicide on the part of an individual. It could lead to misery and result in death. Given that we are intelligent beings, we have the capacity to think beyond reason and logic.  Thus, it is important to understand the premise before coming up with a conclusion.

Utilize your reasoning skills and do a primary reflection on how you are as an individual. Are you at par with the rest? Or are you deviant? There is nothing wrong with being either of the two; it is just that personal preferences play a significant factor in developing the personality and adapting to the environment. Am I making sense here? What I meant was that, the idea behind finding your own niche appertains to your ability to adapt to the society you are situated in together with the people who are in it.

Ask yourself this: Is there something wrong with me? Imagine the audacity of asking another person the same question but this time, you ask yourself. Reflect and realize on the intensity of your life before answering. Try to be as objective as possible and let go of inhibitions or biased notions about a particular situation or of a specific individual. Take note that, you are doing this to come up with a subtle but direct to the point answer on your current situation. Accept and embrace the response how hurtful it might be. Instead of sulking on your reply, do something about it. Act upon it and do not let the negativity to rule over your life. Learn how to let go of experiences and predisposed notions of the past, have a positive filled present and future life.  

Life is not always about being on top or being accepted by all, life is a journey. Whether it is regarded as simple, complex or easy, it depends on the individual. Still, bear in mind that in life, it is not the number of friends or boyfriends or girlfriends you had or have, it is your ability to overcome [being left behind] and moving on.

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