Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Business, Me, and Time Line Therapy®

Getting ahead of the pack is associated with symbolism that any business-savvy individual could easily relate to. It simply does not mean the usual, but rather it warrants a deeper understanding of business per se and the company in general. To say the least, “getting ahead of the pack,” presages a conviction of sustaining a competitive advantage over the rest.

A competitive advantage or “edge” appertains to the capacity of a company to excel in the chosen field in lieu of its competitors. To sustain one means a prolonged or maintained advantage that harnesses the ability of the company to leave its competitors behind. For any company, starting or struggling, this very notion is deemed important so as to be attuned with the demands of the business trade.

Time Line Therapy®, although regarded as a personal approach to gaining emotional stability, could be well applied in the field of business. How, you might ask? Simple. Business per se is as simple and complex as an individual trying to get a grip on the reality behind his search for a stable and developed self.

Build on your rapport. The ability to establish a bond and build a relationship with others exemplifies your readiness to be surrounded by others, even those belonging outside of your comfort zone. Here, it is imperative to devoid the self of perceptual notions and stereotypical beliefs that would hinder growth. Take note that to grow means to free the mind, body, and soul in order to gain control over the self, specifically the emotions. Once done, it would be easier for the self to be aware, realize and accept change.

In the business realm, it is best to keep close ties with your competitors. This would prove to your advantage at one point or another. However, keep the establishment of bonds to a certain level of professionalism and do not expose too much of your own self or company. 

Gain control over your emotions. Time Line Therapy® is all about gaining control over your emotions. It warrants a certain degree of discipline that would merit management of the emotions and feelings. Through such, mental stability, rationality, and reasonableness could be maintained, and an objective perception of the world or the issue at hand could be addressed logically.

Apply part of your past to your present and future. Indeed, the past would always be important in paving the road to success. Though it is over and done, it could still affect the way you are now and who you would be in the future.

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