Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life beyond Time Line Therapy®

We have always been conscious of our age. We turn all numb and still whenever we are asked about our age. For most of us, numbers represent a certain degree of maturity that, most of the times, we cannot uphold. Thus, we opt to lie about our age.

Numbers are just numbers – yeah right! They do not mean anything unless you are talking about a certain ranking or a phone number of someone. For the most part, we hide behind the numbers and act aloof whenever we talk about it. Just like math, numbers for us represent another world beyond the comprehension of our minds.

Our ability to comprehend lies on our ability to sense and interpret. We become attached to raw data and information collected by our senses.  Perceptions and predisposed notions become our basis in lieu of understanding the world and because of such; we tend to think beyond our comprehension and end up frustrated with regard to understanding the world.

Time Line Therapy® is a collection of techniques that enables man to think and understand beyond the usual. Primarily, it aims to permit the control of emotions over situations. Bear in mind that most often than not, we become engulfed by our emotions that we tend to lose focus on the issue. We become enslaved by our feelings and emotions that we tend to lose the rationality behind the rational.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, we are able to gain emotional stability thus allowing us to become more attuned with present day situations. Although the past forms a big part of how we deal with the world, with Time Line Therapy®, we become present and future focused and not past concentrated. Simply put, through Time Line Therapy®, we learn how to let go and utilize the past in reference to our present and future.

Laugh. It may not add years to your life but it will add life to your years.

Mind that the past, although regarded as “done”, could still be used to aid man in his quest for a better, fuller and richer present and future life ahead. Not everything warrants letting go and be forgotten; sift through your subconscious and discover the mystery behind your past – that is what Time Line Therapy® aims for.

Do not be too caught up with your past. Learn and discover when to let it go and when to keep it. Exude extraordinary diligence when removing memoirs in your subconscious as it may disrupt the way you are living your life now. Be aware of the many facets of your life and learn to re-build your future with your past and present.

Therefore, do not let the past to rule over your life. Engage in Time Line Therapy® and discover a whole new world.

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