Thursday, October 11, 2012

The philosophical etymology of life according to Time Line Therapy®

Do not ask the meaning of what life is. Define it.

Indeed, we must not ask what life nor warrant a perfect definition as there is no such thing as perfection. We must not dwell on the brilliance of living the life we have now and the life we would have in the future. To talk jargons about life and our existence would permit the use of bourgeoisie words that even our ancestors would not be able to fathom.

Whenever one invokes a discourse about life, I think of Michel Foucault and his philosophical brilliance in shedding light into the topic of life itself.

Michel Foucault
Michel Foucault was by far one of the most treasured and loved French philosopher and historian of his time. Accepted as one of the most influential sociologist of the twentieth century, his works delved on the magnificence of man and his sexuality. Furthermore, dedicating his life in discovering the connection between the self and sexuality, he focused on being a critique of truth and life in general. His books, articles, letters and writings discussed the magnificence of sex in lieu of how an individual must live his life according to his innate drive and motivation.

Make live and let die is by far the best anecdote I can think of whenever I think of life. A total opposite of the rule of the sovereign power (let live and make die), it makes sense by imposing the rule of life as best defined by regulation and self-discipline.

Driven by a Foucault-like passion in discovering the truth about life, I believe that to live a life of control would bring satisfaction in life. Not to define man as a limited being but rather of control and driven passion to discover what must and must not be, it speaks of the value and implication of truth in our lives. The more truth we know, the more of life we would discover.

The life we have is not the end all and be all of our existence. The moment we let go of the passion, inspiration and control, we lose our identity and discipline becomes a thing of the past. We become blinded by superficiality and our intellect becomes moot and academic.

The moment we let go of our capacity to control life, we end up frustrated with what we truly want in life.  With the help of Time Line Therapy®, we now gain control over our emotions and life in general. We become in tune with the necessity of control and the discipline it warrants when we engage with Time Line Therapy® further develops the life we already have.

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