Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making A Move With NLP And TLT

make a move with NLP and TLT
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Waiting patiently for the one to make us feel complete has been on top our list. We like to keep up with the demands of our innate self in lieu of the satisfaction we all are craving for. Indeed, we want to feel gratified and appreciated by another; be loved by an individual aside from those we are accustomed to. In short, to be in the radar of another individual and be aptly recognized means we are that somebody to that someone.

We do not yearn to be famous (out there) but maybe in somebody’s heart we are. Uplifting and thrilling, yes, but more so if we know of it. To be secretly in love with another could be as suicidal as crossing the streets at night without any reflective devices on hand. Although keeping it first in the sack means you are careful enough to understand the feelings of the other, still frustration could result while standing in line.

Sometimes, it pays to talk and express how you really feel. At times, it is best to keep quiet and talk only when necessary. Giving away or professing your love to another, may you be a guy or a girl, has been one of the most difficult ordeals in any one’s life. Be a well-trained confessor or an amateur, opening thy mouth to speak of what you truly feel is hard. Indeed, it is. Actually, it is not the speaking part that is scary; it is the reaction of the person being told of the feeling that is hard. The anticipation is what makes the whole ordeal scary. It is like looking straight into a clown’s eyes.

To keep calm of the situation and let the situation take its course is an option. One that is safe but full of regrets. It could be that you are not ready or you think both of you are not but, at the end of the day, you are but responsible only to your thoughts and feelings and no other. You have to bear in mind that you need to satisfy your innate self over and above. That you have to bear in mind the need to be innately empowered before you can be start thinking of others.

On the other hand, to say it and have no care of the possible consequence is one tough act to consummate. Easier said, indeed, but doing and owning it proves to be harder than it seems. The moment you let your emotions out of the box, you are unable to control it thus you end up with an intellectually and emotionally distraught life. Again, be mindful of your own needs. Empowering the self begets control.

Whatever way you might want to partake in, always bear in mind that you need to be a self before you impart part of yourself to others. Discover how to innately empower yourself and at the same time control it before you do something that would make you regret it.

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