Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Satisfying and enriching the self with the help of Time Line Therapy®

Sometimes it pays to be numb and dumb at the same time. At times, I opt to be alone and think about life on my own. “Me Time” has been my constant companion and has enabled me to be in touch with myself more than I should.

I admit that I always seek for some alone and quality time. I believe in enriching myself with the world, which makes me feel accepted, as well as receptive to all around me. I do not want to deprive myself of the world, thus I aim to strengthen my own self without needing to be with another.

Do not get me wrong; I want to feel loved and be able to love back, but I also seek to empower my innate self to lead me to live my life the way I want it. Perfectness for me is to be able to teach my self to act accordingly– uniformity may not be a quintessential life requirement, but I teach myself such in order to control my life.

I need to control my life if I want to satisfy all my cravings. I need to be “one” with my innate self in order to be genuinely happy. Happiness, though hard to fathom, is my ultimate goal in life. In order to attain my goals and objectives in life, I first have to be happy. I have to set my personal momentum to allow growth and development from within. More so, I have to learn how to control my own self in accordance with the way I want to live my life.

Yes, control is one of the most important skills in life. I need to further teach myself to control my emotions to be able to lessen arguments, outbursts, and confusion. I need to teach myself to be in control in order to attain what I want when I want.

Selfless acts are immaculate to consider, but every now and then, it pays to perform one. However, it is okay for us to think of ourselves more than others. Furthermore, it is also good to detach the self from the rest in order to realize the needs of the self, and to live life accordingly.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, I was able to accept life beyond the usual. I was able to create my own path without having to disrupt the way I was currently living my life. In other words, I was able to be myself with Time Line Therapy®, and up to now, I still am.

It helped me let go of my past and enabled me to have a better present and brighter future. But most of all, I was able to live my life free from burdens from the past. I am now able to foresee my life, thus I can be one with my innate self and my psyche.

Now, I know I am still in the process of being attuned with myself, but I know that in time, and with the help of Time Line Therapy® I will become my own perfect project.

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