Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flipping life for the better with the aid of Time Line Therapy®

According to studies, we have a certain psychological pyramid that we need to climb in order to actualize our existence. Psychologists believe that climbing up the ladder would warrant maturity and a deeper sense of self-understanding in an individual. It would make him susceptible to change, and thus able to realize his very existence.
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To be aware of the self means to be one with the innate self. The development of the innate self warrants a thorough and deep understanding. In other words, the innate self requires a deeper sense of action that appertains to the involvement and participation of the subconscious.

The subconscious is where past forgotten feelings, memories and events are kept. It acts as the storage area of age-old beliefs, notions, and perceptions that once made an impact in one’s life. Naturally, they are supposed to be eradicated and disposed of after years of usage; however, as emotional as we are, we keep holding on to them. We keep loading our subconscious, thus we feel burdened and lost in our emotions.

The moment we feel troubled and encumbered, we tend to lose hope and give up. We have that tendency to be impaired and rationalize on the irrationality of life. We let our emotions rule over us, thus we become emotionally flustered and at the same time intellectually damaged.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, we become logically and rationally receptive to the world. We eradicate the notion of temporary happiness, thus experience genuine growth from within. Satisfying the self makes a big difference in the quest for a better, fuller, and brighter life. More so, it permits the self to be equipped and capable of dealing with others.

Time Line Therapy® is composed of techniques that enable the innate self to gain control over emotions. The rationale behind this is to be able to establish rapport with our subconscious, thus allow us to provide our selves a more developed and nourished understanding of both the innate and external worlds we are in.

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