Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heartbroken not allowed in Time Line Therapy®

Getting your heart broken by the very person who made you believe in love is one of the worst feelings anyone could ever feel. Shattered would have to be an understatement as you would feel all broken, disturbed, and confused inside. Emotional outbursts would hinder you from being logical and rational, thus impair your capacity to intellectually decipher the situation you are in.

You become lost and bewildered as you try to rationalize on the rationality of your status. Trying to comprehend the situation implies your desire to understand the reason behind it all. Things do not normally happen without a reason, thus digging deeper into the subconscious would enable you to understand the rationale behind your current condition.

Emotions do play a big role in your quest for understanding the reason behind it all. The moment your emotions interfere with your intellect, chaos arises. The mind and heart debate may be considered age-old, but it is one argument that has no end.

Is it possible to control your emotions and your life at the same time?

Indeed, it is possible. With the help of Time Line Therapy®, you can now control your emotions and be able to live the life you have always wanted. To be able to do so warrants a better and deeper understanding of the self, which permits you to be in touch with your innate self unlike before.

The good thing about control is that it permits discipline to the self. And with discipline comes the ability to cordially design the life you have always wanted. The moment you embrace control and discipline, you become receptive to change, thus it will be easier for you to accept it.

Change implies a movement that allows you to move forward—not backward for it would warrant a past track that would only add to the burden that you already feel. Self-reflection is good, but you must also know when to stop and let go of the past. You need to detach your self from past forgotten feelings, memories, and circumstances and learn to live anew.

The next time someone breaks your heart, laugh. Do not let the circumstance hinder your growth; instead, use it to your advantage. Live, laugh, and be inspired with Time Line Therapy®.

With Time Line Therapy®, everything is possible. Visit and be in love all over again. 

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