Sunday, December 2, 2012

Good-bye means hello in Time Line Therapy® parlance

What makes you say goodbye? Is it the sadness that other people bring upon your life or is it your own doing? Do you feel like your subconscious is full of past experiences that you need to unload?

Life is full of what-ifs and what-nots. It is as mysterious as the long and winding road song from the Beatles and even Plato could not define what life is all about. In other words, it is as unfathomable as the world’s largest cave and deeper than the deepest part of the vast ocean.

Limited as we are, we have a knack for keeping things. Sentimental or for keepsake purposes, we have that innate inkling to hoard and stockpile the intensity of the world in us. We opt for a heavier and burdensome life without giving due credence to our capacity as human beings. In other words, we overestimate ourselves that makes us prone to one time and major emotional outbursts. May it be in our personal or professional career path, it is inevitable that we encounter incidents and circumstances that would warrant an uncontrollable feeling of emotional transition that either makes or breaks us innately.

The moment we feel fed up, we let go. When all else fails, we give up. When life gets pretty unfair, we say goodbye. May it be about life or love in general, we can only hold off a certain degree of emotions. Our subconscious can fathom only to an extent where consciousness is still plausible. However, when even our subconscious cannot define the rationality behind our thinking, it shrinks off and says goodbye.

Indeed, parting is one hard emotion to overcome. Saying goodbye means letting go and when you let go, you leave a part of your subconscious vacant and free for upcoming experiences. Letting go, though one tough act to do, is but the most rewarding feeling in the world – and this is what Time Line Therapy® intends to prove. The moment we say goodbye, we let go of the negativity that hinders us to be the person we have always wanted to be.  More so, the moment we learn how to let go of the past makes us more in touch with our innate self.

Time Line Therapy® aims to teach us how to gain and re-gain emotional stability. In other words, it helps us realize that saying goodbye to age-old beliefs and past forgotten feelings permits us to say hello to a whole new world – a world of our own making and a world of new opportunities.

Thus, do not fret over saying goodbye or letting go. It only proves how ready you are to accept new challenges and embrace the change that comes along with it.

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