Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop dependency with TLT

Are you alcohol dependent? Do you always seek for a bottle of cold beer or a glass of scotch on the rocks whenever you feel like the world is going against you? Are you one to stock a pile in your pantry? If yes, then you seriously need to read this.

We all have encumbrances and challenges to face; we must also be resilient enough to find ways to overcome them and live the life that we have always wanted. However, humans as we are, we greatly appreciate temporary comfort, thus we always acknowledge immediate happiness rather than seek for the real deal. In other words, we’d rather be happy now and deal with the problem later.

Although it is okay to let things pass (for now), it is not a good practice to always resort to such. For some, delay is their greatest ally, while others see it as a form of cheating—cheating in the sense that it temporarily steers them off the path of intellectual and emotional distraught and into the depths of transitory sobriety.

However, the act of delaying exemplifies an unhealthy act, as it seeks to divert the attention of the individual towards a makeshift dreamland. The moment an encumbrance makes its presence felt, an automatic impulse to grab a bottle of cold beer or a glass of alcohol gets the best out of the individual. He becomes attached to the feeling of delight that he tends to waive all of his worries with every drop.

This should not be the case. Alcoholic drinks were made for pleasure, and were not intended for long-term delight. Though it seeks to eradicate the self of temporary agony, it does not imply that one should always resort to alcohol for comfort.

Personally, I see people who depend on alcohol for answers as weak. Do not get me wrong, but I do not believe that alcohol intake lessens or rids the self of problems. I see alcoholics as individuals who cannot control themselves, and do not have discipline over their being. I am not perfect; I socially drink, but I know when to stop.

With the help Time Line Therapy® (TLT), I learned how to control my urges. Not that I am alcohol-dependent, nor do I resort to alcohol whenever I feel like giving up, but I have learned how to control and discipline myself with the help of TLT.

Comprised of techniques, Time Line Therapy® seeks to empower the self through gaining emotional control and learning how to let go of the past. More so, it enables the self to be attuned with the innate self, psyche, and the external world. It further exemplifies the ability of the self to foresee and enable the fulfillment and satisfaction of the goals and objectives in life. Through such, one is able to exude his individuality and live the life he has always wanted.

Thus, the next time you feel like grabbing that cold bottle of beer in the fridge to drown your woes, think a million times before you do. Why don’t you call your friend or find your place of solitude and internalize? Reflect on your life and on your problem. It may not be as tasty as that cold beer or scotch on the rocks, but it would definitely bring you to sobriety land – for good.

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