Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting back on track with TLT (Time Line Therapy® )

Do you always find yourself sulking over a petty problem? Have you been munching on those potato chips all day long while slouched on the couch? How many pints of ice cream have you devoured in the past 3 hours? Are you trying to throw your life away?

It is of no contest that we are but limited. We have the tendency to yearn for temporary happiness, and thus submit our selves to anything that could make us happy. It is of no surprise that we opt to believe in the power of material things than in our own capacity to surpass and overcome whatever circumstance we might face. In other words, we do not believe that we can do it, thus we always end up frustrated.

Life is indeed a vicious cycle. It paves the way for us to realize our existence through the many encumbrances and circumstances that we face. It seeks to test and push us beyond our limits, and at the same time allows us to be attuned with both our innate self and psyche in relation to our life and dealings with the outside world.

The moment we submit to the call of the potato chips, we surrender our intellectual and emotional capacity to think and comprehend the situation on hand. We throw away another great opportunity to utilize our rationality and advance our productivity. Rationality here connotes our innate talent to rationalize and decipher inevitable facts on hand, while the latter connotes our ability to think and come up with options after another as we explore and satisfy our curiosity of situations that necessitate such.

Indeed, we need control in our lives. We need to appreciate the fact that we are capable of control and discipline within our selves. In accordance with such, we are able to explore the depths of our innate self, and thus warrant a better understanding of the situation on hand. Indeed, we must not forget the fact that we are capable of doing things beyond our comprehension.

With the help of Time Line Therapy® and its powerful techniques, we will be able to take control of our emotions, and thus warrant exemplary control over our lives. We may enable our selves to act accordingly, in order to achieve our goals and objectives in life. The reason for such is embedded upon the idea that the many challenges and encumbrances we experience everyday lead towards the development of the life we have always wanted.

Time Line Therapy® intends to strengthen our ability to rationalize on the rational, and not on the irrational. It aims to help us in our quest to understand and comprehend the very life that we have. To be able to accept the many impending circumstances we face and at the same time, work our way through the maze is but one tough act to sustain. But with Time Line Therapy®, it is possible.

Thus, be Time Line Therapy® trained and let the magic inspire you to leave the couch and chips behind. Stand up and build the life you have always wanted.

Worried about your life? Don’t be. Read and be motivated to motivate others.

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