Thursday, December 6, 2012

With a smile with Time Line Therapy®


Have you ever wished you had the power to control your emotions? Hold off any tears from rolling down your eyes and teach yourself to be numb of the pain that comes with it? In other words, have you wished you were dumb and numb for a minute to devoid your self of unwarranted feelings?

Emotional bandwagon is the worst but most rewarding experience any one of us could undergo. One moment you feel all broken up in gazillion pieces and then you would be back on track the next time around. It allows you to feel the pain and let it linger a little too long in your system and once you fall really hard, it makes you see the brighter picture and you are transformed into a whole new person.

Indeed, life is a journey – a cycle to be exact. It makes you feel and experience the best of both worlds and leave you breathless after a moment. It does not have any pauses, rewinds or fast forwards, that would allow you to skip on the bad parts and move on to the next. Life is not always about happy endings and smiles – it has its frowns, sorrows and bad moments. Moreover, we become tougher and ready to take on the world as it comes.

Easier said than done. Indeed. With all the distractions in the world, we become emotionally unstable and distracted thus allowing us to dwell on unimportant matters that take away our ability to be rational, logical and reasonable. We become obsessed with superficial things that we lose our sense of wisdom. We become blinded with superficiality and get robbed off 

Take time to reflect on your life with Time Line Therapy®. Learn to control your emotions and be a different person a little step at a time. Be knowledgeable of yourself and experience how it is to finally live the life you have always wanted.

They say frowning takes more muscle movement than smiling. With such, smile and let everything fall into their places. Do not make it hard for yourself by over thinking and over reacting. At some point in your life, be careless as a whisper and carefree as a bird up above the sky. Do not let yourself be troubles and destroy your way of life.

Smile. For there is nothing better in the world that a happy disposition in life.

Learn Time Line Therapy® and discover the beauty of smiling. 

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