Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How life would be with Time Line Therapy®

You do wish you were someone else, don’t you?

Humans as we are, we always crave for something we do not have. At times, we yearn for the impossible. Though there is always that possibility for the impossible, most often than not, we hurt ourselves in the process of unmasking the possibility of the impossible.

The interplay of emotions and intellectual discourse between the conscious and subconscious affect the way we perceive the world. In the process, we misinterpret words and misunderstand gestures that at the end of the day, we end up frustrated and angry. Not only with those we are communicating with but more so with ourselves. We lose focus and control thus we end up feeling aggravated.

The pleasure of enabling the self to control both the emotional and intellectual is one thing that we need to learn, discover and understand. We have to keep abreast of the world and more so of ourselves in order to function rationally, logically and reasonably.

This is where Time Line Therapy® comes in. The way it enables the self to learn warrants an innate understanding that would help aid man to gain control over his emotions. Gaining control permits one to discipline the innate self in lieu of sensory data and mental processes that contribute to our perceptions of the world. The moment we lose control, outbursts of different intensity overpowers of way of life thus warranting us to dissuade from our path and do something else.

Goals and objectives are our end all and be all but the moment we become disturbed or our concentration is disrupted, we devoid the self of achieving our targets and primarily, forego success and satisfaction. It should be noted that, as human beings, we need to be appreciated in order to feel belonged. Belongingness means self-actualization in basic parlance.

The role of Time Line Therapy® highlights the need to teach the self how to live the life he has always wanted. Be it in a personal or professional level, the degree to which Time Line Therapy® helps an individual is so diverse it could transform how an individual lives his life now.

Be not a slave of your past. Learn to live your life the way you have always wanted it to be.
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