Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspiring the self to inspire with the help TLT (Time Line Therapy®)

Do you often wonder how you ended up this way? Have you questioned yourself about your life and why you have not lived the life you have always wanted? If yes, fret not; you still have time to change. 
For as long as you are breathing and able to see the world around you, there is hope. There is a definite light at the end of the tunnel that would enable you to see beyond the horizon and experience life accordingly. Life is not someone else’s masterpiece, nor a project at hand, it is an individual mission that needs to be fulfilled and satisfied according to how you want to live. In other words, you are the master of your fate and the quintessential captain of your ship.
Whatever you have now could all be directed to your own doings. You think, you believe, you act, and you own your actions. You search for whatever makes you happy and you walk your way towards it. Though you face inevitable challenges, you still find a way to surpass and overcome them. Thus, what you have and experience now could all be afforded to you – nothing more and nothing less. 
With the help of Time Line Therapy® or TLT for brevity, one is able to look beyond the obvious and realize his potential. Potential here implies an understanding of the self that enables one to work towards his goals and objectives. It seeks to empower how the self should be in accordance to how he wants to live his life and exemplify his ability to be who he wants to be. 
Although societal dictates could influence and motivate an individual to veer away and go against his goal, he could still exude his individuality by enabling himself to work towards what he wants. Though seen as an act of deviancy, it should not be the case. Do not let societal dictates hinder your quest for a better life. Instead, be brave enough to traverse the waters and aim for what you want. Be not afraid to be unlike the rest, be intrepid, and inspire others. 
The moment you embrace TLT in your life, you will be able to gain emotional control, and thus allow your self to play the game right. You will be able to regain confidence and master the art of persuasion with others. You will become independent and will then rely highly on your ability to nourish yourself from within. In other words, TLT will enable you to gain emotional control and at the same time help you let go of past dependencies with respect to your quest for a better present and fuller future ahead. 
Stop daydreaming and live the life you have always wanted. Skip the self-pity party and act now. Be your own motivation and excel in your chosen field. Though it would take time to be able to live the life you have always wanted, still you will be able to pick your self up and learn to work for what you want.  
Be more than an inspiration to others; be your inspiration. Know how through

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