Thursday, December 13, 2012

Talking Like a Pro with TLT (Time Line Therapy®)

I am one of those who get easily annoyed whenever people start asking questions that they already know the answer to. I mean, I am not intellectually endowed nor am I dumb, but I know when to ask a question and when not to.

I know I have to learn how to control my emotions when it comes to my dealings with others, but oftentimes I easily get ticked off because of their attitude. I have been caught in situations wherein I badly need to escape, but because I think of their welfare more than my own, I opt to stay and prolong the agony. No, do not get me wrong; I value my friends and the people I meet and talk to, it’s just that I also have to keep my sanity intact whenever I talk to them.

I have tried to control my outbursts and keep my mouth shut, but there are till times that I really feel the need to talk and give them a sarcastic answer. I know; if you do not want a sarcastic answer, then do not ask a stupid and leading question. That has been my mantra when it comes to socialization, but ever since I embraced Time Line Therapy® in my life, I have learned to control my emotions and lessen my outbursts. Though I still have them, I can now control them.

The ability to control my emotions has enabled me to utilize my rationality towards further developing myself and working towards the life that I want. You might ask, what is its relation with my dealings with others? Well, to begin with, the way I deal with others exudes how I want to be dealt with and more so how I think innately.  The control warrants me to understand myself more than ever, thus grants me the discipline that I need inside me. Indeed, control invokes a strong development of sanity and confidence that enables me to relate with others and establish rapport with them.

The way Time Line Therapy® works is that it lets you see yourself in a positive light, as compared with how you were before. It allows you to experience a life of ease and a life that is full of positivity, as opposed to the contrary. More so, Time Line Therapy® permits you to let go of your past, like unwanted feelings, kept emotions, and age-old beliefs and embrace the new you – a positive version of you.

 I admit; I still have my mini outbursts, but compared with before, I have now learned to discipline myself and control my thoughts. Though I still give sarcastic answers, I am now more capable of understanding others and I have learned to comprehend myself innately.

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