Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making my way downtown with Time Line Therapy®

I am not one to confide my emotions and feelings to others. I would rather keep it to myself and resolve it alone. Sharing what and how I feel is not something I am comfortable of doing. Do not get me wrong, I am not a loner or even an island, I just want to keep things to myself. I believe that some things are better kept private than be shared.

Most often than not, those who listen to us end up either with us or against us. “With us” connotes a positive feeling of sympathy wherein he shares a certain degree of intimacy in relation to the problem on hand while the latter implies a shrug off feeling wherein he just plainly listens or exudes a “I do not care” attitude.  Indeed, the difference is incomparable. 

Enabling the self to understand the reason behind the problem is not the same as sulking over spilled milk. It may sound the same but in reality it is not. To comprehend acknowledges the assumption of an understanding that invokes an intellectual and emotional attachment while the latter here warrants a strong feeling of remorse or a mood of sullen aloofness. In other words, it is indicative of two distinct and different feelings that warrant a reaction that is of extreme intensity from the other. 

Subjectively speaking, I believe that it is best to have your “me time” in relation to deciphering the cause of the problem. I believe that it is best to have your innate self involved thus enabling the development of control in the self. To be able to control your feelings and emotions implies of a certain degree of discipline that enables you to imbibe the positivity of the situation. More so, it invokes the development of the self in relation to the nourishment that is needed to fulfill and satisfy the life that you have always wanted. 

Discovering Time Line Therapy® and embracing it in my life helped me get by my worst times. I have experienced a whirlwind and been inside one more than once and I tell you, the feeling was worst than you can ever think of. However, because I was able to realize and internalize control in my life and learned to let go of my past, I felt lighter and more capable of living the life that I have always imagined. 

A blinding stairway of emotions may get you blinded – both intellectually and more so emotionally. If this happens, one is likely to experience an outburst of some sort that would necessitate for an illogical, irrational and impractical reasoning. To have such would then result to chaos rather than linearity of thoughts. Thus, be selfish and let yourself experience and explore your own self. 

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