Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time Line Therapy® and my life

In the midst of darkness, there lurks a single ray of light—a light that brings forth hope to the self, which in return allows the self to satisfy its yearnings. Yes, yearnings as goals and objectives in life are nowhere near cravings. They are the spices necessary to enable the self to move and work towards satisfaction. More so, they become the reason for allowing the innate self to feel empowered.

The moment we step outside our comfort zones, we become hyped over being the best and reaching for the stars. We work our way through life with the aim to be the best in everything and anything there is.

Humans as we are, we like to feel secured, thus we want to be in control. The moment we seek for control we allow ourselves to adjust to the many encumbrances we may encounter in the world. The world is our playground, indeed, and we want to rule over it.

Given the many circumstances that we may encounter, we aim for competition, thus invoke our selves to work towards the top. We want to feel empowered through our achievements for we want others to envy us. Though argumentatively debatable, this is the truth. We want to gain control over our lives because we want to control others as well.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, we can learn how to gain control. Although such invokes control over our emotions, it is still to be understood that control of the emotions enables control over our own lives in general. It paves the way for us to be the best when we aim to control our feelings and emotions to lessen outbursts that disrupt the way we live our lives.

The good thing about Time Line Therapy® is that it teaches us to be at par with ourselves. We gain momentum in life, thus enable the self to feel powerful. We seek to strengthen our strengths and more so bank on our weaknesses in lieu of satisfying our yearnings.

The more we pay close attention to our emotions, the more we become perceptive to our needs. We enlighten our innate self in order to traverse the right path. Connotation of the right path, though questionable, indicates the way we want to live our own lives. It is a subjective perception that could only be dealt with by the self. Choosing the right options and alternatives enables us to satisfy what we want and distinguish what is right and wrong for us.

Bear in mind that not everything is applicable to each of us. We have our personal wants, desires, and aspirations that allow us to live our lives accordingly.

Visit and realize what you really want in life.

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