Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Tragedy Of Life Is Not Death According To Time Line Therapy®

Friedrich Nietzsche,

The tragedy of life is not death. No, it has never been death nor will it ever be-- for death is an inevitable occurrence sensationalized only the by accident that accompanies it. So, what is the tragedy of death? According to Friedrich Nietzsche, “A man who dies before he dies does not die when he dies.” Therefore, accordingly, the tragedy of life is what we let die inside of us while we live and not the occurrence of death.

To highlight the ability of the self to be at par with how others live their lives eventually leads to a futile attempt to further the development of the innate self. Although it is just okay to be influenced by how others live their lives, still it would be better to innately ponder on your own personal growth over and above all.

The moment one lets go of his abilities to fully exhaust his innate self signals a self that is not worthy of cognition. To say such warrants an understanding that the self is not cultivated, to a tree thus it is starting to decay and lose itself in the fields. In other words, the innate self is thoroughly plowed thus it performs below par of what it is expected of. Only do we realize the need to recognize and acknowledge the development of the innate self when it is too late.

With the help of Time Line Therapy®, TLT for brevity, one is able to salvage the innate self from decay. It seeks to enrich and aid in the growth of the self itself in the hopes of imbibing energy to the innate self. To do such, though spatially exhausting and tedious, is but the best way of eradicating the presence of death in the self. Although aforementioned that death is not the tragedy of life, to die innately thus neglecting the cultivation of the self from within should consciously be avoided. To say the least, the notion itself should be forgotten and never form part of anybody’s option in life.
The way TLT works allows the self to be holistically nurtured thus prepping the self to be ready to face life’s many demands. Indeed, it seeks to empower the innate self by aiding it in gaining emotional stability and eradicate the build-up of negativity in the self. Thus, TLT ensures that the self is primarily nourished –inside and out.

Therefore, death should not be the end all and be all of life. Rather learn to fight innate deterioration and, for as long as one is alive, dedicate his life into the fulfillment and satisfaction of such.

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