Monday, January 21, 2013

How I Broke Up With My Depression Through Time Line Therapy®

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Life is a series of disappointments highlighted by the existence of depression. Indeed, life operates mysteriously as it strives to make the most of it. One seeks to empower the self to be at par with societal dictates that, in the process, puts the self in the limelight. Simply put, the self experiences more than it could ever imagine thus creating negative opportunities that, more often than not, leads to depression.
Depression is one of the most feared word in the dictionary and one fearful phase in life to be drowned in. Yes, depression is just a phase in life, others only put too much emphasis in it that, at times, we think it is an inevitable part of life.

Although it is normal to be depressed and feel exhaustion creeping in, still it could be avoided. No, this is not about prescriptions or a gym access but instead it is an innate approach that could help ward off exhaustion and depression all at once. This is not one time but a continuous process that could be done when you want it and where you want it. Indeed, this depends on your availability and also your openness to discover the depths of your psyche. Altogether, this is voluntary in relation to the quest for personal growth.

Time Line Therapy® or TLT for brevity is a big breakthrough in the field of self-improvement. Composed of techniques, TLT allows the individual to grow innately with the help of gaining emotional control. With emotional stability, he is able to build himself an empire that is free from bondage and from outside influence. To say outside influence here refers to the dictates, opinions and predisposed notion of others regarding how you live your life. Admit it, they form part of one’s idea in relation to the way he is to live his life. Thus, most often than not, he becomes lost, frustrated and anxious.

With TLT, all the negativity in the self could be eradicated. To underscore the idea of perfection here is not the idea behind TLT operating in the self. Instead, all here implies past recounts that hinder the growth and advancement of the self in furthering a better, fuller and richer future. Indeed, the past would always be a part of the self but with the present and future, the past should be gradually left behind in order to move on; taking just memories and important learning from such.

Though it is inevitable to be depressed and be frustrated over life but with our uniquely crafted individuality, we are but expected to realize that the negativity we are feeling are all but part of life and could be eliminated with the use of Time Line Therapy®.

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