Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Individuality Rocks With Time Line Therapy®

I have never been one to follow instructions. I like to do things my way; get things done accordingly. That is how I get things done. However, because I belong to a society that adheres to the implementation of rules and regulations, I have to bear with the many imposed laws to belong.

I know, to belong to a particular group or be accepted as a member implies that you follow what they want thus you cannot just do what you want. In other words, you have to adhere to their likings and endure the pain of being a follower than a leader. Sure, it takes a good follower to be a leader but with the endless possibility of being able to do things on your own, why do you need to be a mere follower?
Do not get me wrong, it takes a follower to be a leader but it also takes a good leader to be a follower. I am not implying that one should always be the leader but rather, one should not settle to be just a mere follower forever. In other words, he should aim to be more than he is and aspire to be more than he could ever be. Be not limited with what you have but instead, be limited only by your imagination.
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To be able to do so implies a great sense of control in and of the self. To control here assumes that one is, ability wise, able to receive and respond to his likings in a manner that is favorable to him. To simplify, Time Line Therapy®, hereinafter referred to as TLT, enables the self to see beyond his comfort zone. More so, it permits him to be in control over his emotions thus enabling the control over his whole life too. Yes, with TLT, one is capable of controlling the way he lives his life, his emotional journey and ability to comprehend thus allowing him to live the life that he has always wanted.

Life is too precious to waste to be a mere follower. Learn to fight uniformity and act according to what you truly want. Though such could be understood as deviancy, that should not be the case as that is really not the case. What TLT seeks for is the ability of the self to think on its own and act according to his goals and objectives. To say the least, TLT pushes one to be his own self amidst the many others in the society, develop his own self and exude his individuality.

Thus, be you. Be expressive and be motivated to be who you really are

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