Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stepping Out Of The Box With The Help Of NLP And TLT

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Do not be afraid to take a stand. Be brave enough to express what you truly feel. Instead of worrying and sulking over the rain on your parade, grab an umbrella and walk under the rain. For all you know, you might stumble upon what you have been wishing and yearning for all this time. 
Most often than not, opportunity knocks when you least expect it. It comes unannounced and more so, it appears when you have just closed your eyes. In other words, the moment you let go because of frustration, you end up stumbling upon all that you have wanted. Although patience has been said to be a virtue, still, the moment one becomes aggravated and annoyed, life goals and objectives tend to become just a memory. 

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Humans as we are, we easily get distracted and disturbed. Most often than not, we cannot keep and maintain focus on a particular matter even if we want to. The reason for this is obvious; we have short attention span that makes us vulnerable to distraction and the likes. Imagine having to read an article for an assignment and suddenly hears from the blasting television from the other room that your favorite series is on. What would you do? Would you keep reading or rush to the other room and watch? Whatever your answer might be, it still boils down to the fact that you are to choose one from the other thus your focus is halted and at the same time divided. 
The scenario above, though superficial to begin with, is but true and happening in the real world. We always stumble upon opportunities that are coupled with never-ending choices that deflect our ability to focus. Indeed, as much as we want to, we are always faced with choices. As they say, the more choices we have, the merrier we would be. Admittedly, that is the truth. 

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Life is but full of choices. It is made up of infinite choices that renders life uniquely different and distinct from that of another. In other words, the choices we have in life makes us who we are thus testing our patience and attention span. Although there is no one great individual who could focus on one particular matter, humans as we are, we are capable of multitasking. Yes, we are good at that and that is what makes us vulnerably perfect.  
With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® (TLT), we are able to test our innate selves in relation to our goals and objectives in life. Bear in mind the primordial importance of such in relation to our quest for a life that we have always wanted. To not acknowledge our goals, aspirations and objectives in life imply that we have nothing; that we are contented with the nothingness that envelops our being.
Thus, with the presence of NLP and TLT in the self, we are able to withstand the many distractions and disturbances in the world. We are able to multi-task and catch every piece of opportunity that we come across with. Importantly, we are able to think, believe and act on what we feel is true, right and perfect for our own development. 

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