Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pursuit Of Happiness With TLT And NLP

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Remind yourself that it is okay not to be perfect; that like life, no one is perfect. Although we yearn and claim to be one, the idea of being perfect remains an idea despite the attempt to be one. In short, we are perfect in our own unique and distinct way – yes! – no one can take that notion away from us. 

To yearn for perfection exemplifies our ability to create moments and devise ways to attain our goals and objectives in life. We are able to direct our life towards the right path thus allowing us the growth and development that we innately need.  To say the least, we are expected to learn how to steer the wheel unto the right path and not waste precious opportunities in order to satisfy our selves both innately and externally. 
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Admittedly, I succumb to the yearning of perfection – of craving for a perfect life. Indeed, I am one to devote moments and times in order to come up with a resolution suitable enough for me to understand the intensity of life per se. I strategically plan my next move as if I am going to a battle. Subjectively though, I see life as a battlefield and everybody is my competition. I compete not to throw others off their paths but I compete with myself above others thus enabling me to exhaust my capacity to my fullest potential. 
I admit, I do not like to fail thus I make sure I always have my best foot forward. I would rather not dwell on the “what might happen” and guess on the possibility of events. Instead, I want everything to be played by ear and according to plan. Meticulous as I always want to be, I would rather not think of the possible results or consequences of my actions. Not to say I am one without a sense of direction but I rather not think ahead than end up frustrating myself in the end. I never want to expect but, human as I am, I always expect. I cannot but hinder my brain and stop thinking. I am a thinking being thus I am always thinking – whether I like it or not, I am a walking, breathing and thinking being. 
In the years and encumbrances that have passed, I have learned to control my emotions thus employing control over myself. With Time Line Therapy® and Neuro Linguistic Programming (TLT and NLP respectively), I am able to lead my life accordingly. I have acquired knowledge and skills that enable me to realize and acknowledge the value of my life per se. Indeed, it is one tough job to keep but I am my only savior; my only superhero that could help alleviate the slumping of my world before it entirely collapse. 
If there was one thing I learned from my years of pursuing my perfection, it is that indeed, it is okay to be not perfect. Be careless and free and live the life you have always wanted. 

Be inspired and be an inspiration to others as well. Learn with now!

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