Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning To Trust Again With Time Line Therapy®

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It takes only seconds for us to trust someone but years to forget someone who deceived us. We think and regard highly of the importance of trust that we feel offended, insulted even, when we are wronged. We say it is okay but innately we are not okay as the experience lingers in us more than we could ever want.

The moment we trust someone means we are accepting of him and in return, we are ready to impart part of ourselves to him. To adhere to an idea of exchange, we bring forth the ability of the self to connect with another thus allowing growth to take place. Growth here exudes from the connection established with another resulting to trust thus when it is broken, our world crashes and is destroyed.
An understanding between two or more individuals, may it be of friends, lovers and filial ones, paves the way for trust to be born. To say such implies that there is importance given to the personhood of another and to that extent, a certain degree of personal connection is established.

However, it could not be avoided that trust issues surface whenever relationships are formed. Betrayal and the likes often cause the rift thus resulting to disconnection. Indeed, worst than a power blackout, to disconnect the self from the one that has wronged you is one way of showing your emotions and what you truly feel. Still, is it right and proper to disconnect the self from the other? Or are we supposed to be patient enough to wait when the wrong is corrected?

Subjectively, I believe in patience. I am not one to say I forgive in a snap but that it takes time for me before I can accept and trust the one that has caused me pain again. To say such implies that I require time and to a certain degree, effort from the other to prove that he is to be trusted again. In short, I have to regain emotional control innately to be able to trust again.

I learned that with the help of Time Line Therapy®, hereinafter referred to as TLT, one is able to gain emotional control thus enabling the development of discipline to help him get over certain experiences in life. TLT aims to dissuade the self from prolonged agony thus permitting him to be akin to his needs rather than to those that are destroying his way of life. More so, TLT allows the self to grow and develop innately in relation to his goals and objectives in life thus enabling him to live the life that he truly wants.

With TLT, one is able to let go of negative vibes before it piles up and stagnates the nourishment of the self. It majorly acts as a sifter of the mind in lieu of maintaining and sustaining a positively filled life ahead.

Though it is indeed difficult to move on and let go of such an instance that has caused you pain, still with the help of TLT, it is possible. So, the next time someone plays with your emotions and destroys your trust and confidence in them, smile and let the wind take all your worries away. Life is too precious to be wasted.

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