Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life’s A Dictionary And TLT Is A Word

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Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself. It is not about being perfect rather it is about creating perfect moments. Indeed, life is what you make of it thus allowing you to fully exhaust life per se. To do such warrants an understanding that life is primarily a vacuum that needs to be filled before time runs out.

Because nothing is certain, not even the certainty of uncertainty itself, life could not be assured. The moment one tries and attempts to dissect the very essence of life permits the self to be open and ready to take in as much it could be permitted in relation to how he wants his life to be defined. Sometimes, I do not get the rationale behind the quest to define what life is. I mean, for me, I believe that life does not have one straight path or pattern that encapsulates the totality of life per se. So to speak, the life of others is distinct and entirely different from that of ours. Simply put, life is a subjective matter worthy of personal dissection as life is what we make of it.

Just like Time Line Therapy® (TLT for brevity), it seeks to enhance the self in a manner that warrants respect and cognition from others. It further allows the self to enjoy the growth and development that he so deserves. Such, to allow TLT to make an impact in the self exemplifies the idea behind being your own captain and steering your own wheel. It further implies the ability to cognitively process life per se without having to deal with perceptions from others.

 To warrant the presence of TLT in the self allows the being to adhere to control. Indeed, control permits the self to be in shape thus allowing it to be lived accordingly. To say such implies that the individual is able to live the life he has always wanted more so be who he really wants to be.
Just like TLT, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) also exemplifies the power of the self to be empowered. To say the least, it speaks of the ability of the self to innately be cultivated and inculcated. In other words, TLT and NLP permits the self to be at par with what he has cognitively perceived and emotionally thought of.

The extent of allowing the self to develop from within is one serious matter to begin with. It seeks to explore the depths of the self thus warranting a more independent self amidst the many dictates of the society. It affects the way one thinks, perceives and expresses himself towards issues appertaining to the nourishment needed to improve the life that he has now. Thus, rebuilding his present as juxtaposed to his past and future.

Thus, to define the self is a selfless act that encourages the self to let go of his inhibitions and learn to listen to the dictates of his innate self.

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