Thursday, January 3, 2013

Breaking Into Pieces : A Time Line Therapy® Realization

Indeed, life is unfair. It will never be fair nor will it ever be just. It is as multifaceted as the great Bayon Temple in Cambodia with its many faces lurking in all angles and directions. In other words, it is a great mystery that remains to be one despite the clamor to unleash its meaning.
Bayon Temple image from WikiPedia
Life, in its entirety, could never be defined. It has been said before that life per se is as vast and deep as the ocean – could never be measured or understood with just one plunge. Life is like that, though it does not take a genius to decipher it, attempting to underlie its totality is like taking a plunge into the deep dark ocean with no mask or diving apparatus on. In other words, the totality of life is as dark as the deepest part of the virgin forest. 

With the tremendous clamor for unveiling the meaning of life, self-improving methods and techniques have been specifically designed to help aid man in empowering himself and living the life that he has always wanted. In other words, such programs are all aimed at helping the self satisfy his goals and objectives in life to enrich the development and nourishment of the innate self. 
Time Line Therapy® or TLT for brevity works like an oil in a machine; enabling the operation and production of results. TLT allows the self to grow from within. It seeks to teach the self to gain emotional control over the self thus enabling the expansion of the intellectual and emotional stability of one. To be able to do such permits the self to be at par with societal dictates, self-yearning and worldly expectations. In other words, it enables the self to perform to its fullest and exhaust his potentials to its maximum. 
The moment the self feels all filled up, it encourages itself to be with others. Not to satisfy the craving for companionship but rather to enable him to impart part of himself to others and at the same time imbibe the positivity that the others have. More so, the accomplishment of doing such emphasizes on the idea that the self, be it TLT inspired or not, is all encompassing thus allowing itself to grow with the world. 
To say the least, life is fair. Though others would like to dwell on the negativity that it exudes to one’s life, still life is fair. It is just and exuding with positivity. We make life unfair. Thus, the next time we blame life for what we are experiencing, look deeper and ask yourself first before blaming others. 

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