Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love in the workplace

The reality of loving work is essential in the success of the organization. How does love translate itself in to an organizational agenda? Let us see. . .

Love does not necessarily mean romance. Love is a concept so strong it could make or break an individual. For most of us, love is a universal thing. A friend of mine believes in the power of love with regard to affecting people. She is not married but she lives her life with too much compassion towards life in general that when you get close to her, you would feel the strength of love emanating from her. It feels weird, yes, but it also feels great to be surrounded with and by love.
Love in the work place appertains to one’s compassion towards work, the work force and work place. In other words, love driven leadership does not only affect leaders but all of those in the organization. The power of love – its capacity to transform others and affect lives one individual at a time.

Love is the lens through which an individual is able to see the world around him or her. Thus, love allows one to see the world in another dimension – see things differently now. Appreciate everything; not only looking at the big picture but its details too.

See beyond the fa├žade; See you.

Love is but a powerful tool – a driving tool in lieu of life and work. Enabling others to feel your passion and love is one thing but enabling others to see and feel them and at the same time, see and feel such intensity from them is another. As Sir Jamie Oliver, one of my personal mentor, told me, one’s passion towards work, co-workers and life in general makes everything easier.

Despite the influence, the motivation and the compassion brought about by love to oneself and to others, what is deemed important is the presence of growth – of oneself and of others as well.

Growth is but a quintessential part of developing one’s character. Deal with growth and experience it illuminate from within and spread to others. Lead the self towards greatness and everything else would follow.  People in the workplace would be able to see and feel the difference and eventually embrace change that you bought in.

Learn to adopt to change and to your surroundings. Free your mind of preconceived notions and detach yourself from past experiences. Clinch on your present and future.

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