Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Success and Me

For starters, I am not one of those who believe in doing what others have done to be successful. I do not believe that there exists a pattern to be like him or her. What I believe in is that I, as an individual distinct and different from the rest, have a path of my own. I have my own map to follow – all I have to do is find my way through it with the help of everything I have in me and in my surroundings. To me, life is a vicious cycle of cause and effect brought about by one’s reasoning and liking.

Both internal and external factors contribute to my being. Not of others doing but of my own doing.

Insight on a person’s success

There are things and situations that we take for granted as we become obsess with what we see in the surface level. We deny the existence of the many contributing and mitigating factors existing.

To wit, the low down on the lives of the men and women who are doing well in their lives – both of today and of yesterday are beyond the obvious – something that we must embark on.

Time travel by dissecting every piece of information about one’s life and being and connecting them altogether to come up with a well balanced and well thought of explanation of one’s life story.

Discipline. Success is not something that we could achieve by merely living the life just as it is, we have to exert a certain amount of effort and discipline in realizing our objectives and achieving our goals in life. We could be the person that we want to be provided we do things accordingly. Although our external factors play an exemplary part in our realization, we have to do our part and act on it. We do not have to depend on it – we have to work hard and grab every possible opportunity there is.

Most of the time, we get blinded by the things around us, we neglect the details and focus on the possible outcome – more of counting the chicks even before the egg hatches. We have to be mindful to every little thing and detail there is. Thus, discipline comes into play.

Discipline allows us growth and stability in our quest and realization. Discipline gives us the boost we need in order to go on. Discipline encourages us to fight for what we believe in and do things our way.

Look at the big picture. See your self as a person of excellence. Be mindful of the factors around and surrounding you. Details are important in understanding things and the way one leads his or her life.

Culture influences you, parents mold you and the society encourages you.

We may be our own doing but we would not be without the things around us. How we respond to situations and how we come up with decisions are all influenced by our cultural background. This is but true.

Believe in the power of the society and of the factors in your surroundings. Believe that you could be a deviant and go against the society. Believe that you are able to balance your childhood society (past) with your present day society and your future society – all in the name of discipline.

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