Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cultivating the self

Perseverance and patience drives individuals to the zeal of things. In today’s context, both qualities require so much from an individual. In other words, perseverance and patience does not and could not be quantified in a person outright.

Believe in the power and the importance of cultivating the self. Value self-growth, self-acceptance and self-valuation.

As logical, substantial and reasonable individuals, it is of no contest that one knows how it is to be in tune or in synced with the self. The importance of belonging and being accepted by others emanates from within. I have to accept and know who I am before I could reach out to others. I have to love myself in order to affect and influence others. This to me, is the core principle or driving force behind valuing the importance of the self.

I am most fascinated with the life of Ignatius of Loyola. I was amazed on how he was able to overcome defeat and failure and re-emerge as a person of virtue. I envy his strength, his perseverance in life, his dedication to attaining his goal and his patience in life. I envy his love of life and love of living. I envy him for he never gave up – something I wish I have in me.
Ignatius of Loyola

Personally, I am not a person of strength. I am a crybaby; a worrywart. I stress out on things; I fall and, at times, take a long time before I stand. I sulk and think too much. I worry about what they would say. I worry on things – small things. More so, I think a lot.

Having to undergo a second coming is something difficult to achieve – not solely for the weak of hearts. I should learn how to re-live my life like Ignatius Loyola did – before it’s too late. I do not want to feel regret in the end.

Furthermore, Ignatius Loyola led from within. A leader should know how to lead himself first before extending his or her network outside his immediate control. A leader should not be ashamed of failure or be afraid of defeat – for there is no such thing as failure only delayed success.

Al Gore
In today’s context, I would like to made mention the influence Al Gore exuded to the world. Being a leader, a Vice President of the United States of America, he could have opted to remain in power and do things politically. However, he chose to help save the world – a green world at that. He is an advocate for a greener and healthier environment. For me, that is one noble and selfless act. Thinking for and of the future is something but giving yourself to the cause is another. Making a difference does not necessarily mean doing things in an escalated manner. Making a difference from within is what counts most.

From the aforementioned, it is still up to the person to embrace how Loyola and Gore made difference in their lives and that of others as well. I am not one to invoke the path they took but, give it a thought and discover for your own self. 

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